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King of Kona 2016 : Presented by Omen Longboards & Free Wheel Co is a wrap and Aero Media’s Wes Eldridge brings us day 3 highlights and podiums!

Day 2 Highlights include:

  • More Pizza
  • The Rain Stops – finally!
  • All the contests run
  • Podiums


Bowl Contest:
1. Steven Pineiro
2. Eddie Henriquez
3. Trevor Brice

Mini Ramp:
1. Steven Pineiro
2. Trevor Brice
3. Corey Ryan

Snake Run:
1. Troy Grenier
2. Steven Pineiro
3. Jeff Plizzi

Weekend Warrior:
Troy Grenier

King of Kona:
Steven Pineiro

Check out Day 2 here:

And don’t miss Day 1 here:

Also be sure to check out NWest Media photos on instagram for some epic bangers from King of Kona here.

A photo posted by Nwest Media (@nwest_media) on

A photo posted by Nwest Media (@nwest_media) on

Thanks to King of Kona, Cameron Frazier, Kona Skate Park, Martin Ramos, Omen Longboards, Free Wheel Co, Nate Blackburn, NWest Media, FuckitEnjoy and Aero Media.

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