Interview with Kim Anderssen: uGGabuGGa, Beards & Norwegian Nights

Ever wanted to skate the roads epic of Norway? Maybe grow a manly beard? Well, Norwegian rider Kim Anderssen has you beat! Meet Norwegian rider Kim Anderssen. Norway has been heavy on the mind though 2015 with all kinds of skate trips headed that way, lots of great video and some really great people. Kim had some video parts with Sk8trip and Abec 11 this past year, as well as some rad stuff with uGGabuGGa, his’s local crew, so we connected for an interview. Please get to know Kim Anderssen. Enjoy!

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Hey Kim! This is our first time interviewing, can you tell me a bit of the basics about you? Name, Age, Birth Place, Where you’re living?

Hey Les! I’m Kim Mengshoel Anderssen, 31 years old. I grew up in a small place in Norway called Krokstadelva, just outside a city named Drammen. Now I live in Oslo, the capital of Norway.

kim 2 Alexander Tikialex Frischauf

Alexander Tikialex Frischauf Photo

When did you get your first skateboard and how did you ride it? Has it always been downhill for you or how did you get into it?

I got my first skateboard when I was around 10 years old, and at that time I was only doing some street skate. The summer of 2010, when I was 25 years I had my first meeting with downhill and longboard at a barberque/skate session my friend Fredric invited me to. It had been a while since I had been skating, so I started with a classic luge on a little section of the hill at first, and then from the top. I got so hooked straight away after the first run that I almost was running to the top of the hill again for the next one, haha! The day after I had my first buttboard, then a month later my first longboard. So I did both things that summer, but fell more and more in love with longboarding.


Peter Andersson Photo –

What do you do with life when you’re not on a skateboard board? Work or School? Hobbies besides a skateboard?

I work in concrete rehabilitation, and running a company with my dad. Got a little boy named Elvis, who is 5 years old. I recently discovered downhill mountain biking, so now I found a new way to get down the mountains when it’s not possible to skate. Most of my friends are skaters, so otherwise it’s: sleep-eat-skate-repeat.

Norway is really on fire right now it seems, I asked Ali Nas this as well, what makes Norway so special to you?

Small, fast, technical and big hills that will give any big mountain skater a mixed face between fear and happiness! Plus, all the amazing scenery that surrounds you when you do what you love the most.

Get your ass till the Extremesport week in Voss and you`ll see for yourself!!

I think I saw a video of your crew? Who do you usually skate with in Norway?

Yeah, the uGGabuGGa crew vid, thanks for sharing it. I skate a lot with Lars Mikalsen from the crew and the rest of them. I also skate with some super groms and random people I meet at the spots in Oslo.

What is the importance of the crew? Friendly competition? Safety from trolls? Overwhelming desire to throw up gang signs?

The brotherhood, and that we are a totally awesome gang that enjoy each others company with or without the board. Some of us knew each other before we started longboarding, but the most of us know each other through longboarding. You can hear us when we’re out partying together. UGG UGG!

Like any skater, I am sure you leave your home for fresh roads and fun with friends. Did you head out on the road at all this past summer?

Oh yeah! I’ve had a couple of crazy good trips over to the western side of Norway this summer. The last one was the wildest, one week on the road. With that I think it was 10 different, fast and gnarly Mountain passes. That’s good for the soul!

Morten Espeseter – @mr_bubblegrip

What’s with the Norwegian nights video? Why so fast in the dark?

Haha! Yeah, what’s up with that? We had just got us back to the top of the hill after the first run and was super stoked on it. Alex wanted to test his new night filter and I volunteered, so I just went for the hill. The only sketchy about the run was all the small bumps in the road that helped me with some woobles. haha!

Seems sketchy, must be all the strength your beard gives you! How long have you been growing it?

I haven’t really been thinking about growing, it just happened to become that way.

Are you a beard guy or is this just a phase? They say only real men have beards.

Well, I haven`t shaved since Movember 2013 so I have to say I’m a beard guy.


Check his beard and his instagram! – @dhkma

Since there have been a few videos of you coming out lately, can we expect more media with Kim and crew?

Definitely! There’s one hill I got a crush on this summer called “The Death Journey”, I need to go back to it, and the crew got some plans. So just wait and see!


Erkki Rustad – @erkkir

Thanks for the interview. I hope we get a chance to do more of them. I usually end off with giving you a chance to make some shootouts or call outs. Any last words?

Thank you, for the interview! Yeah, me too! I have to thank the people at Abec 11, Jet skateboards and Liquid trucks, For the great opportunity this year! Brad and Tracey over at Riptide Sports Inc. for always believing in me., the local skate shop. And of course everybody that I met and made this season so great! Especially Alexander “TikiAlex” Frischauf and Alex “Bad Decision Alex” Ameen who helped with some killer videos.

And thanks for the photos to:
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