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Check Out Check Up with Devon Dotson: All Around DB Longboarder

I met Devon Dotson about a year ago and then spent time on the road with him for some events and got to know him a bit better, including how well he sleeps in cars, doesn’t handle his shotguns and shoes very well  (warning, vomit!), but skates everything like a mad man. No matter what we really threw at him, or what obstacle, he seemed to hit it with ease. After taking a minute to find his place in his new home of Washington State, he’s cruising along with DB Longboards and up to his skate-it-all style in a big way. Stoked to see what 2016 brings for him.

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Hey Devon. Don’t think we’ve done a real interview before. You got the Skate[Slate] Magazine Check Out feature in issue 23 though! Want to start off with some get to know you? Full name? Age? Where you from? Where you living?

Devon Scott Dotson, 21, Manassas, Virginia, I’m living in lynnwood just north of seattle.

How did you end up in Washington?

I got in contact with Nate Blackburn, as he was my team manager at the time. I wanted to do something in the skateboard industry so he was nice enough to arrange a job for me making longboards at omen and cleared out a room in his house for me.

What’s the best part of living in Washington? What do you miss most about home?

The skateparks, the snowboarding and of course all of the wonderful hills and people. I miss my family and friends back at home but am very thankful for all of their support. I also miss my grandma’s cooking.

How long have you been skating? How did you get started? Hard or soft wheels first?

I got my first skateboard in first grade from Toys R’ us, thanks to my wonderful grandma. A lot of older skateboarders lived in my neighborhood, they got me into skateboarding and taught me the basics. I rode hard wheels until I got my first longboard in high school.


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We went to Muirskate Downhill Disco together. You seem to blend a mix of both and kill it. How do you compare the feeling you get from downhill vs street? Does one help the other?

Downhill satisfies my need for speed and the wonderful feeling of nailing the perfect line, while street skating and park skating satisfy a more technical side of skateboarding. Plus you don’t have to walk up hills. Yes, I believe skateboarding can help certain traits of longboarding and vice versa.

Which one has worse slams?

Longboarding scrapes your skin away and skateboarding bruises every part of your body. They both suck but I think skateboarding takes a little bit more of a toll on your body.

You joined DB Longboards in the summer and we’ve seen you in a few videos, what’s the rest of your setup look like? I assume you have one for downhill one for street?

I met Matt McDonald at DB Longboards a while back and we hit it off well. I decided I liked riding skateboards more than making them. I was looking at what they were doing and we thought it would be a good fit. I have a Keystone 37 set up with split degree Caliber 2‘s, Blood Orange grip and generally whatever fun freeride wheels for shredding everything I can get. I also have a Keystone 39 with split degree Caliber 2’s and some Cloud Ride Storm Chaser protos for downhill.

You also have the new DB mini in your sack of boards now I would imagine? Fun video. What do you use your mini for most?

I use the mini 5 days a week rain or shine. Working downtown means an hour and a half bus ride that is a lot more fun with a board to mess around on with while waiting.

Devon Dotson. Photo Matt McDonald

Devon Dotson. Photo Matt McDonald

The Keystone has some advanced downhill construction, but more of a hybrid shape with that tail, is it functional for you?

The tail on the 37 is super functional for popping ollies down stair sets and at speeds. The 39 gives me that extra confidence to ollie sewer lids when I’m probably going too fast.

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How are board slides on the composite bottom sheet?

Like a sheet of wax making everything board slideable.

It’s wet in Washington. Are you out skating the rain downhill or hiding under cover on a ramp somewhere?

I love longboarding in the rain but I’ve been skating at the local indoor skatepark a lot more than rain skating.

The Keystone is essentially waterproof right? How does that compare in these wet months? Board holding up?

I’ve been abusing my keystone 37 by rain skating and throwing it off balconies. It may be a bit heavier but is structurally perfect!

Anything else you’re stoked on in the lineup or is that your jam?

The keystone is definitely my favorite board but I’ve also been digging the freeride dtx and the minis a lot.


What’s coming up for you? Have you been on a team trip yet?

I’m looking forward to our first team trip and all of the wonderful events and races in the near future.

Thanks for the interview Devon. Anything I missed you want to share? Shout outs?

I’d like to thank all my sponsors DB Longboards, Caliber Trucks, Blood Orange, Motion Boardshop for making the dream possible and all my friends and family for encouraging me to do what I love.

Photo Matt McDonald

Photo Matt McDonald

Note: Thanks to Matt McDonald (@equalmotion) and Don Sheffler (@donsheffler) for photos.


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