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Kebbek Skateboards Drops Their New 2016 Lineup at ISPO

Kebbek’s 24th anniversary marks a pivotal year and a new look to their product line, art direction and voice. Get ready!

#historyweek who remembers this series? Keeping it real since 1992!

#historyweek who remembers this series? Keeping it real since 1992!

I recently had a call with Kebbek Skateboards Ian Comishin and brand manager Joey Bidner. Celebrating 24 years of Kebbek Skateboards has helped bring a shift at Kebbek this past year. Maybe you noticed their run of abstract print ads? How about our feature on East Coast Crack? Well, the new direction and brand feel is just the tip of the iceberg of change we’re about to see from the brand. Kebbek is mixing it up and planning to release their highly anticipated new line at ISPO trade show happening at the end of the month here to keep it going.

“We definitely changed a lot for 2016, but we kept our roots at heart. Making downhill skateboard products is what we have always done, we are simply refining and tuning our line to not only fit what people want, but to push the boundaries of what’s being done.”-Joey Bidner, Brand Manager

Kebbek will be displaying 8 of 10 boards from their product line at the ISPO trade show at the end of the month. 2 boards will remain a mystery until further notice, one of which is being tested to be hand crafted in Germany! Stay tuned to see what they unveil at ISPO in the coming weeks. Here’s a sneak peak of what’s coming!

Also important to note is the new Pro Model board coming for Emma Daigle! Kebbek’s Joey binder probably told us more than he should, but we’ll keep it quiet for now… be sure to check Emma’s Instagram:

That good, good. #stilltheone @kebbekskateboards #kebbek

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More info to come from www.kebbek.com or watch their instagram and Facebook for details there.