Skate Frame’s US Road Trip: Interview with Marek Vanourek

I came across Skate Frame’s US Road Trip watching video for Skate[Slate].Tv and wanted to get a different perspective on the USA from someone not from North America or specifically on the race tour. Marek Vanourek from Skate Frame and the Czech Republic got back to me to share some stories and tips from the road. 

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Tell us a bit about yourself. Who are you? Where are you from? How are you involved in Skate Frame?

Hey! My name is Marek and I am from Czech Republic, home of Kozakov. About aear ago I came up with which is our idea of something between and But only about Czech scene – most of our web content is done by us.

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What is Skate Frame? When did it come to be a thing?

It is website about Czech scene. We came up with some new fun content which was pretty popular. For example Fashion Police on CGSA events. You know, every season there are so many new guys with new leathers covered with sponsors. We tried to be like all those famous Fashion Police bullshit magazines and it had huge success. Another great thing was SkateFame Night – party where we nominated Photo of the Year, Video of the year, Event of the Year, Lady of the Year, Skater of the Year and Mr.Fashion for 2015! People could vote and the party was amazing!


Who is in Skate Frame?

In the beginning it was only me, but lot of my friends were so excited about this project and they wanted to create content too. So let´s say after two weeks I had like 10 more people helping me. But you know, we are all lazy skaters, so nowadays we are only few skaters regulary running website. Me and Petr Novak do a lot. (Thanks bro!) Sometimes Michal Velharticky and Lenka Lenna Salacova help us.


From the left – Michal Cerny, Michal Velharticky, Petr Novak, Marek Vanourek and photographer Marek Stefech exploring Americana.

I feel I see a lot of Euro trip videos, it’s nice to see a US trip video and different perspective. How was traveling to the USA different than traveling at home or in Europe?

Way different and way more expensive haha! But every cent worth it! Locals were amazing, they helped us a lot. Especially Utah crew. I think most of US/CAN skaters don’t realize what they have. We’ve skated so many good hills that we don’t have back home. And roads are built in different way. We mostly have flat corners, probably that’s why we footbrake too much.. Honestly nobody from SkateFrame crew has skated since we came back home from US…

Can you tell us some of the highlights from the trip? Where and what did you enjoy most?

I felt in love with GMR. This is probably my favourite hill I’ve ever skated. Pikes Peaks is amazing, altitude! Sick!! Skating mountain passes in Colorado with Kyle Wester was insane. My legs still hurt, I love to skate loooong hills. And finally Utah. I can’t tell you (since I can’t and I don’t know haha) what we skate with locals but it was insane! They say after Adam Persson we’re some of the first Europeans to skate with them on their gems.

Any funny stores from the road? Ever get in trouble with the cops?

Funny stories? So many! Petr have vomit almost every day because he cannot shotgun. And last night in Holywood? What do you expect…. haha! Fortunately we were lucky and we did not have any troubles with cops. I’ve just got ticket in LA because parked reverse on Venice. Head parking only is bullshit, 63 bucks, thanks.

How did you busy keep the vibe up over long hours of driving? Magazines, Kendama, Trap music, fart jokes?

Talking talking talking. Cutka is the best narrator ever. Just tell him what story do you want to hear (again) and you will never fall to sleep. And one important thing…Arizona Green Tee! For one dollar you get all night refreshment.


Now that you are back home, whats the plan for the coming months?

Pay my credit card, haha. Spend time with my girlfriend. Since winter is coming/here no more plans so far. We will see! Maybe builing a indoor halfpipe.

Max Dubler dropped some tips for going to Europe and not blowing it, do you have any advice for other travellers heading to the USA on a road trip?


  1. Get in with locals! Without them you are screwed.
  2. Arizona Green Tee.
  3. If you really want to experience the trip, bring cash and don’t care about spending it.
  4. Look for stupid “Head Parking Only” signs.
  5. Carpool everything in LA.
  6. Don’t drink beer in a bar unless you want to spent all of your money. See number 3.
  7. “Drink small beer from a can and you will feel more drunk. ” – In US, they have smaller beers in cans (around 0.3 liter) compare to Europe (0.5 liter). If you drink those small beers and you have same amount like in Europe you feel more drunk. We always thought we drank more beer than we did, but compared to home it was only a few… so this is my recommendation.s
  8. Camp grounds are cool!

Will you make a trip to the USA again?

I hope so!!! It is only about the money… haha


Thanks for taking the time to talk with us. Stoked you had a rad trip. Any parting words? Shout outs? Thank you notes?

Many thanks Les for interview! I really want to say thanks to Kyle Peel for having us on Pikes, Kyle Wester for skating in Colorado, huge thanks for Riley Irvine and Bryce Brady for skating in Utah. And of course I want say thanks to sponsors – One15, Longbird trucks and Landyachtz. Yeah!

Photos thanks to: Marek Stefech

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