Duck Pucks NW Trail Series

Duck Pucks and friends have been hosting a race series to bring riders together and keep them stoked through the rainy winter months. Matt ‘Equal Motion’ McDonald of DB Longboards and Origin Distribution was at the event, snapped some photos and sent in a quick event report from the latest event and gave us the details on the NW Trail Series as a whole. 

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Winter is long and wet, but it goes by a lot quicker in the Pacific Northwest thanks to Duck Pucks North West Trail Series.


The NW Trail Series a great series of events for the local skate community. The location of this NW Trail Series event, the Snake Hill path, really brought people together figuratively and literally.


“Staying tight with friends in a completely controlled environment,” said Spencer Smith. “It allows everyone to push themselves safely and there’s never a dull moment since space is at a premium.”


Over the course of the race people would stop and watch and even walk over to the trail from the surrounding neighborhoods to watch all the action. Overall these types of events are great because it promotes safety, shows downhill longboarding can be performed in a safe organized fashion and it helps promote the sport to people who may not know it even exists.


The Snake Hill Outlaw when down last weekend with around 30 riders and a decent amount of bystanders watching all the action. In the finals there was a crash on an inside left that took down Spencer, Ryan and Martin, which helped Christian make it through and footbrake his way to greatness, Smith said.


Martin jumped in behind him then Ryan and Spencer. Christian Phillips took first place edging out Martin Depass, Spencer Smith, Ryan Villah and Dylan Shrimpton. Even with the wet conditions and dog poop lining nearly every part of the path it was a damn good time.


The NW Trail Series has been going in on one form or another since 2011 thanks to Bradley Cameron of Subsonic and Duck Pucks who has organized and ran. Points are rewarded for those who attend each event and the overall winner of the series takes home the traveling duck trophy and eternal bragging rights for the rest of the year. The first NW Trail Series event of the series was at Sammamish Switchbacks and went down in December of 2015. The next event, the NW Trail Series: Duck Pucks x Flatspot Trail Race, is scheduled for Feb. 20 at a to be determined location in Vancouver British Columbia.

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