Global Speed Index Local Champion: Ryan Farmer

Last week we dropped the details on Global Speed Index. You should definitely check it all out here. Now, we’re stoked to announce that Global Speed Index is recognizing local champion, Ryan Farmer!

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Global Speed Index – The World’s Virtual Racetrack for Action Sport Competition, recognizes Ryan Farmer a Southern California, USA action sport athlete, for his contributions to the Downhill Longboard and Luge Community.


This all mountain, multi‐disciplined athlete takes time away from his riding sessions to give back to the community. He is responsible for organizing the beautification of legendary riding areas within the Southern California region by rallying fellow riders to help out!

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Just check out all the trash they collected and removed:


Ryan and his community helped remove a literal ton of garbage from their local mountain.

Ryan is a committed athlete, a role model, and a valued member of the action sport community.

“Global Speed Index congratulates Ryan for his outstanding contributions to the Longboard community. Ryan is a great citizen of the sport.” – Josh Madsen, Global Speed Index


Congrats Ryan!

Global Speed Index is committed to recognizing individual athletes for their contributions and accomplishments on and off The World’s Virtual Racetrack.

Global Speed Index: Global Speed Index unites Athletes Gear and Technology on the World’s Virtual Racetrack for Action Sport Competition. Global Speed Index is a GPS based mobile application available for iPhone and Android devices providing action sport athletes a platform to post ride data and gear used while engaged in athletic pursuits.

Get more details on Global Speed Index here, or head to globalspeedindex.com.


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