#Skatetofight Doing It Right

#skatetofight was founded in April of 2015 by James Harris and Beau Durrant. The goal of #skatetofight is to raise awareness of mental illnesses (anxiety, depression and bipolar disorder) and to help prevent suicide. #Skatetofight hopes to accomplish this by building a sense of community and helping people realize that even though they struggle with diseases that make them feel totally isolated, they are not alone. They are important and have other people behind them.

#Skatetofight was first conceived by James during a low point in his life while fighting depression and anxiety. He realized the power skateboarding had to lighten his mood. Over some carne asada fries, he shared his idea with Beau who also struggled with depression. A simple social media page was made as a result of this meeting with plans to start a website someday. The push for the website came after James’s close friend lost the battle with depression and took his own life. It was soon after this that James launched

#Skatetofight is still in the developmental phase, but thus far has created a website that has new content on a weekly basis, has produced two videos with 75000+ views combined and has been sharing the story and connecting with others through the #Skatetofight hashtag and social media.


In the near future, Beau and James hope to officially organize #skatetofight as a non­profit business and to start an online store to help fund things like skateboarding events, school presentations and service projects to have a positive influence on the community. Until then, we hope their mission will help others along the way:

To let those who have mental illness to know that they are not alone. You are one of 450 million people on this Earth who struggle with mental and neurological disorders*. Don’t be ashamed. You are not crazy or psycho or anything like that. Everyone has their struggles and yours happens to be in your mind. But you can fight it! You don’t have to be defined by your depression. You can fight in so many ways. I do it with skateboarding. I am no doctor, but I believe that finding a constructive and healthy coping mechanism is vital when dealing with the pains of depression, anxiety, bi-polar disorder and so forth. – James Harris

#Skatetofight and Skate[Slate] want to be clear, #Skatetofight is by no means meant to replace the help of licensed professionals, medication or anything of that sort. It is just a place where people can come together and realize that they are not alone. That is what #skatetofight is all about, unity, and the power it brings. Don’t suffer alone, #skatetofight and if you need help please reach out!