Caliber Trucks and Long Island Boards Announce New Partnership

New year, new deals. Looks like Caliber Trucks and Long Island will partner up to drop some fire on the scene!

Founded in 2010 in Santa Cruz California, Caliber Truck Co has rapidly gained a rep for being one of the best truck options for downhill skateboarders and longboarders around the world through their quality product, team of top riders, and excellent media, including some iconic imagry in Skate[Slate] Magazine as well, remember our first poster?!

For 2016, Caliber has a new partner and will be helping to build more opportunities for quality product, a new team of top riders, and of course, excellent media. If you haven’t seen the new Home Zones series release, don’t miss it – here.

“We are stoked to be working with Long Island. They make excellent boards with high quality manufacturing practice. Long Island boards are a perfect match for Caliber trucks. We are also very excited to make media for Long Island. The best partnerships have synergies in marketing. Working with Long Island so closely will allow us to do some incredible things together.” – Brandon Stewart, Caliber Truck Co

Long Island is the most well know brand of longboards that HLC has to offer, with an excellent catalog of decks from a wide range of longboard and skateboard shapes and builds. Back in 2000 the Iraola brothers, lgor, Iban and Ander, motivated by their passion for skateboarding began their career making their first skateboards in their garage at home. The rest has been a trial and error process of hard work to finally create their first factory and sell their boards in Spain and France. 15 years later, the company has become market leader with some of the most advanced manufacturing and distribution in the region.

“We are super stoked with this partnership, looking at the incredible development level Caliber have achieve in his product and marketing. Personally, we have hit it off very well with them and together we will develop the brand to an international level”, says Iban Iraola.

This is a new exciting era for Long Island and Caliber Tucks and it’s only just begun. Be sure to peep the Home Zones release with new Long Island videographer Tom Flinchbaugh, and featured riders Noah Fischer, Patrick Welsh, Jordan Crosby, and Ryan Bishop.