Global Speed Index: Technical Features For Riders

A couple weeks back we announced the launch of Global Speed Index, The World’s Virtual Racetrack. If you have not checked it out, you should – GSI is NOW available on GooglePlay and AppStore.

Global Speed Index is a FREE GPS driven mobile platform available on Android and iOS operating systems and mobile devices. Action Sport Athletes (currently supporting Downhill Longboard, Distance Longboard, Street Luge, and Classic Luge Sports) using standard smartphones can compete anytime, AND anywhere GPS is connected and accessible, without a data connection, WIFI, or external hardware devices.

What we really enjoy are the technical features they’ve built in for riders. GSI is loaded with more specialized features for riders than any other GPS, speedometer, or longboarding app.

Here are a few of the features we think you’ll really like:


Offline Mode – No Data? No problem. GSI will capture rides with or without a data signal, providing you with access to The World’s Virtual RacetrackTM even in the most remote corners of the world.

Hide Ride Location – Don’t want to compete? Not interested in sharing your location? Just want to challenge yourself or test your gear? Hide your ride and keep it to yourself.


Gear Splitting – Compare your rides over the same route using different gear setups. See what’s working – and what isn’t.

Delayed Start to GO – Ready. Set. Go. Get setup, put your device away and start your ride safely when the alarm sounds or device vibrates.


Speed Trailz Technology – Once you’ve logged your ride, now you can see exactly where you were going fastest and where you needed to control your speed.


Speed Point Technology – Provides exacting route data, pinpointing performance wherever you ride. Check entry/exit speed, and a lot more. Use Speed Points in training and practice to perfect and drill down speed control, and improve your overall performance on a particular course.


The other thing we really like, Bragging Rights! Bragging Rights let you share rides through Facebook and Twitter and broadcasts the total ride experience complete with pictures and video for everyone outside the GSI community. What’s great is that it’s also optional so you only share what you want. Check out GSI on Facebook and Twitter here.

The key idea behind Global Speed Index is that it unites riders and the gear they use in a virtual field for personal and community competition. You can help improve your own performance, virtually compete with other riders, compare gear, tactics, and advance your riding together!

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 7.22.20 PM

For more info on Global Speed Index, check their website or download the FREE app or iPhone or Android and use it!