gullwing shadow

Gullwing Shadow is Made in the USA and Out Now

Gullwing Truck Co. is proud to announce a major upgrade one of our most popular truck models. The Shadow, a popular staple in our truck lineup, is now Made in the USA.

The major advantage with a Made in USA truck is the metal alloy and casting procedure used in the manufacturing process. We start with melting Prime 356A aluminum ingot, never using recycled or re-melted material. We then pour the molten aluminum using a gravity casting process which allows the metal to naturally flow into the mold, rather than a low pressure or injection molding system, which use additives that weaken the metal. Finally, the trucks are heat treated to T-6 harness for an extremely hard, dense finish. This gives the truck a superior grind and strength qualities only found in a USA made, gravity casted truck.


In addition, the new Shadows feature 4140 Chromalloy steel axles, 92a barrel/cone bushings and grade 8 hardware. The truck is also equipped with a flip-able kingpin for inverted use, providing less kingpin drag on grinds and is also compatible with all aftermarket inverted kingpins.

It’s safe to say our recent upgrades to the Shadow make this the strongest and best version to date. The Shadow is available in sizes 8.0”, 8.5” and 9.0” and Raw, Black, Red and White colors.