Nwest Media Report: Duck Pucks NW Trail Series in Vancouver

Skate[Slate] is stoked to bring the first Nwest Media Report. Dustin “Monkey” Ascheman makes all kinds of media and fun under the Nwest Media name. Find him at events throughout the North West [especially the Maryhill Freerides!] and you might find yourself on in one of his rad photos. Be sure to peep the Nwest Media instagram account here.

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I’ve been fortunate to kick off 2016 with a bunch of events and just got back from the #OmenSocoTour and the King of Kona trip. If you haven’t checked out the travel reports, I have a few fun photos to go with Nate Blackburn getting hit with a taser and Aero Media’s rad videos.

As it goes, the good times roll, and I got the chance to head up to Canada for the first time… since I was asked to leave the country on a visit for my 19th bday. Duck Pucks were headed to Vancouver to host round 3 of the NW Trail Series race with Flatspot Longboard Shop and I didn’t want to miss the fun. I made the 3hrs drive from Portland to good ole Nate “Dad” Blackburn’s house in Seattle late Friday night so I could hop in the #MobileRuckus bright and early Saturday. We picked up Coast Longboarding/ Bustin Boards very own Cody Lux, and Garret “grommet” on our way to a perfectly smooth boarder crossing. Success!

The idea of these races is to welcome all skill levels and get everyone skating together. Big shout out to Duck Pucker Bradley Cameron for being a force behind the Trail Series.


This Vancouver course kept the danger low and the fun high, giving newer riders a chance to progress, and forcing the vets to use every bit of their skills and stay ahead to the finish. After a few practice runs, about 40 participants got straight into the racing.

Sitting in the hairpin you could see most of race, from the first real corner to the finish line, making for great spot to watch the close racing, crashes and cheer on your favourite buddy. Only one round had made it down before a giant red Duck “feature” got added to the middle of the first hair pin at the bottom.


Since everyone had to pretty much shut down to make the corner clean and clear, shenanigans ensued!


Nate caught making a duck tape.

By the time consis and finals came down, the inside line was wet, strewn with banana peels, Cariboo cans, and anything else that chould be found made its way onto the path.


The focus is on fun, so racing doesn’t get super serious and everyone has a chance to enjoy their fails and bails as much as the win. Shit also just happens, so if you can hone your skills safely with friends, there’s a better chance of handling yourself better whenever you are out for a skate.

And the winners are…


1. Mack Wacey
2. Paul Song
3. Mathew Grizz Kroetsch
4. Jonny Yardwaste Lachapelle
4. Ryan Villa

With round 3 of the Duck Pucks NW trail series in the books, we said our ’til next times and headed back towards the boarder. Even though no one in our van made the finals, everyone was all smiles after the event and I got some banger photos I was stoked on, especially a burst of Papa Les going for it, and ending up with a brick. [click the photo to see the GIF]


Click the Photo to see the GIF

Thank you to Duck pucks, and Flatspot Shop for putting on a smoothly run, fun event. Its hard not to have a fun time around such a great group of people. Already looking forward to the next Round of the Duck pucks NW Trail series March 20th – get details from Duck Pucks Facebook here. Hope to see you all there, its gonna be a good time, and I’ll be there snapping your next sweet ass profile pic!


Nwest Media-Dustin “Monkey” Ascheman


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