‘So.. You Can Longboard Dance?’ 2016 Worldcup Longboard Dance in the Netherlands

So You Think You Can Longboard Dance is back for 2016. Last year Skate[Slate] Magazine issue 23 sent Will Edgecombe to cover the event and we blow away by the level of attendance, participation and stoke!

On April 2nd and 3rd, 2016, the worlds finest within different flatland longboard skate disciplines will gather in the ‘Klokgebouw’, former Philite factory of Philips in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.


Within longboard skate there are different disciplines in both downhill and flatland. And which country is the flattest in the world? Right, The Netherlands! So no better place to organise the 4th edition of the biggest longboard flatland competition in the world.

Contestants come from all over the globe, from Taiwan to Brazil, from Spain to Korea.

Longboard Dancing combines elements of freestyle skateboarding, surfing and dance into a creative form of riding a longboard. Dancing maneuvers are combined with technical flatground tricks and many other stylish elements in a flow of maximum creative energy, incorporating all with show and grace.

As the brother of skateboarding, longboarding emerged from ‘sidewalk surfing’, invented by surfers about 70 years ago to improve surf skills on waveless days.


While the popularity of other family members like snowboarding and skateboarding took off at high speed, longboarding stayed more invisible untill about a decade ago. During the last 5 years longboarding became one of the fastest growing sports. Longboarding is accessible and fun and it can be as challenging as you want. It offers something different within the world of skateboarding. And many people nowadays use a longboard just to cruise from A to B, like a very nice substitute for a bike.

‘So.. You Can Longboard Dance?’ provides a good opportunity to really explore the great things that flatland longboarding has to offer. There is a lot of space with smooth surface to skate yourself and it offers a wide range of competitions to participate in or to watch. Each day there will be open classes for those who would like to learn how to longboard. So for spectators, first time riders, up to pro, there is a lot to do and watch.

On Saturday the ‘Longboard Dance for non sponsored riders’ competition will take place. This allows men and women who haven’t reached a pro level yet or the new upcoming talents to show their skills.

On Sunday both female and male pro level riders will compete within the ‘Longboard Dance’ competition for the world title. For girls who don’t want to compete in the mixed ‘Longboard Dance’ competition there is a separate “Girls Competition’. Also there will be a ‘Best Trick’, ‘Best G-Turn’ and ‘Hippy jump’ contest. Among participants up to the age of 15 there will be picked a winner for the title of ‘Best Grom’.


Each day at 13.00 hrs there is an open free class, especially for those who would like to have their first try on a longboard.

After the event there will be a contest, which decides who captured the event in the best way on photo or video.

‘So.. You Can Longboard Dance?’ is organised by Flow Provider and Spots and Locals.
April 2nd and 3rd 2016 Klokgebouw Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Entrance: free
Start: 13.00 uur
Start competition: 14.00 uur
End event: 21.00 uur
Participation and attendance at own risk
Helmets Mandatory

For more information check: www.sycld.nl

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