EAT SHIT The Venom DVD Vancouver Premier Party

The Venom EAT SHIT DVD world wide screening tour and particularly the West Coast, went off over the Winter, making its way up to Vancouver from Glendora, stopping in Seattle at Subsonic & Duck Pucks and ending in Vancouver at Flatspot Longboards.

I brough my photo gear in an attempt to document the glory that was the EAT SHIT Vancouver premier and give you a taste for what I think most of the premier screenings had a bit of, especially the Beetus. I knew it would be an eventful night filled with shenanigans and some heavy raging I shouldn’t miss, and I wasn’t disappointed.

If you don’t know, the EAT SHIT DVD is now available for you to own and enjoy. 

The Venom team arrived, and immediately began mixing “The Beetus,” but not before I managed to Ice Zak on arrival.


Always dressed to impress, Zak takes this ice as he should before everyone shows up and fills up the shop.

[Note: This was not an all ages event.]

The ceremonial mixing of The Beetus includes 3 40oz bottles of Vodka, 90 beers, 3 jugs of powder lemonade and a single cobra core for the bobbing competition.

As you would probably assume, The Beetus does indeed taste like jet fuel and it also does melt steel beams. Though the collective risk did not stop anyone from enjoying it, nor did it prevent the daring participants of the Venom Cobra Core Wheel bobbing competition from going full tilt.


Participant #1 of the wheel bobbing competition, coming out empty handed.


The victorious slizz walking away with a fresh set of Cobra Cores.

With utmost righteousness Zak and the venom crew insisted that the movie not start until Bricin “Stryker” Lyons enters the building, and after seeing the movie you will understand why.


Striker was a bit busy praisin jah so he turned up a little late to the party.

The clock struck nine and Striker barged into the party with his crew and lit the place up with his glowing enthusiasm that has yet to fade in his generations of skate events. Everyone said hey, chugged their beers and huddled around the screen to hear the EAT SHIT drinking game rules and get to the movie.


The man behind the brands, Zak Maytum, President of Venom Urethane, Rogue Trucks, and pro team rider for Madrid Skateboards.


Lets just say Rolo has a really gnarly part in this movie.

We watched on, the movie ended, and the crowd dispersed into their little drunken squads of destruction. There were many highlights from the night, but most of us who attended can agree that the following are some of the best parts. No spoilers! the EAT SHIT DVD is now available for you to own and enjoy!


The man behind the movie, Justin Rolo, filmer/editor/Venom brand manager ejoying his Canadian beverage with grace.


Zak was just trying to help a brother out, though pulling Rolo’s trigger doesn’t come without consequences, yes that is a bite mark.


He still succeeded in his goals to let it all out.


The ice age continued all night.


Brian Choi getting the first look at the new cast Rogues.


Some classic Team camaraderie between Dillon Stephens and Riley Harris.


Dillon downs the remaining beetus while Zak’s giddy levels rise to all time highs.


Rolo realizing the beetus is all gone.


Nick Dunmall dealing with problems in proper Venom Team etiquette while Dillon pleads with Zak to help him out of a bind.

Check out Flatspots event video for more of everyone keeping it real:

Go buy EAT SHIT to enjoy at home here:


That’s it, that’s all. Thanks for reading!