South China DH Skate Clinic 2016 With Robert Burns

SBDW Longboard Shop of Hong Kong recently collaborated with 1985 Skate Shop to host the first ever South China Downhill Skateboard Clinic in Shenzhen, promoting safety as well as developing the skill set of these Chinese rippers despite the pouring rain.

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The SBDW crew; Shing Lung, Even Chan, Longyin Chung, Lawhoi Ki, Harry Clarke, and myself (Robert Burns) traveled from Hong Kong the night of the 15th to 1985 Skate Shop in Shenzhen and were greeted by all the homies plus owner, Xiao Qiu.


yes this is inside the shop

The next morning we were out to the hill. Big thanks to Xiao Qiu and 1985 for organizing the shuttle vans, getting everybody there and allowing us to take as many runs as possible! At first everybody was kinda bummed out by the rain but in an hour or two nobody seemed to care, it was a 1/1 rip!


We split everybody up into three groups:
Beginner: learning to stop and and basic safety, instructed by Shing Lung
Intermediate: for people who are able slide and such but not fully skate a run Instructed by Harry Clarke and Ki
Advanced: safety at high speeds! Improving technique and taking full runs Instructed by Robert Burns (me!)


Xiao Qiu, Harry, Shing, and myself giving everyone the lowdown


teaching skateboarding

image1 copy

teaching shot gunning

Thank you to all the people who traveled in from various parts of the country (Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, ChengDu, etc.). I’m incredibly happy with the turn out, I wasn’t expecting half as many people. Overall the clinic was pretty successful and I think everybody learned a lot and left hella stoked!

Photos courtesy of 1985 Skate Shop (check their video), Longyin Chung, and Even Chan


Come to China! Actually don’t; it’s blown.

Chya Boy Rob