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Wheels Over Paradise Movie Available Online Now

Wheels Over Paradise, Downhill Skateboarding’s new film dropped at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival a couple weeks back and is now available for digital download. Check out the trailer and photos and then download the full video now. More details below.

Wheels Over Paradise is the story of an outlaw group of downhill skateboarders in Santa Barbara, California, an area which attracts speed-loving skaters from around the globe. Known for its dangerous winding roads and high-speed mountain descents, the roads above Santa Barbara have become the battleground between the skaters and county law-enforcement, who have used recent accidents to justify a ban on the sport. The film follows these daring athletes as they continue to push downhill to new levels while dodging the ban, and the risk of death, on a daily basis.

Download Wheels Over Paradise here.


Paul Mathieu – Director/Producer/Editor

A graduate of Penn State’s School of Communications and the Santa Barbara College of Law, Paul has worked full-time in production since 2000. As a commercial producer and cinematographer, he has completed over a decade of national and regional television & web campaigns. Paul’s first, feature documentary, MatchMakers, premiered in 2008 and he has also screened six narrative films in U.S. festivals. Wheels Over Paradise is Paul’s second feature documentary followed by Man On Top and The California Drought currently in production.

Tom Flinchbaugh – Producer/Cinematographer

Tom is a Santa Barbara native, the owner and operator of Santa Gnarbara Skate Media and Events, as well as a professional cinematographer, photographer, event organizer and skater.

John Oliver – Associate Producer

John has worked in the skate industry for over 20 years producing classic titles for Powell-Peralta including the 2012 release, Bones Brigade.

More on Wheels Over Paradise here.

Download Wheels Over Paradise here.


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