Ms. Monthly – What You Miss’d In February

Welcome back to another Ms. Monthly! This month, we all got an extra 24 hours thanks to it being a Leap Year. What did you do with your extra hours? Sleep? Work? Skate? Explore? Regardless of what it was, Leap Years always remind me of how precious our time is, and with Spring around the corner, I’m looking forward to spending as much time as possible doing the things I love including skating, hanging out with friends and creating media.

One of my favorite parts about curating Ms. Monthly is that it highlights women around the world who also make it a priority to spend their time doing things they love. This column not only celebrates our shared passion for skateboarding in all forms but also makes sure to support those in our community who pursue any other of their passions whether it be art, business, or anything in between. Now with that said, let’s see what you miss’d in February!

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Marissa Olivia throwing a picture perfect coleman slide. Photo: Khaleeq Alfred

Marissa Olivia throwing a picture perfect coleman slide. Photo: Khaleeq Alfred


Loaded Board and Orangatang Wheel riders, Gina Mendez and Alexandra Kubiak Ho-Chi go head to head in this epic tech slide duel. Switching between the Loaded Kanthaka and Overland, which lady will come out on top? You’ll have to watch to find out.

Anna Pixner turning and burning down some Spanish hills on the Icone Interceptor. Along the way, Jenny Schauerte joins her for some girls doubles runs and locals Javier Tato, Sergio, Bruno Bermard also get in the action for some close pack riding.

Yuna Kang from South Korea dropped another rad edit of her dancing and freestyling in her local parking garage. You’ve got to love those indoor spots when it’s pouring rain outside!

Speaking of awesome freestylers, be sure to follow Kate Voynova on instagram @katevoynova for some of the smoothest and most technical freestyle out there! This girl blows minds!

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Another up and comer to keep an eye on is Susannah Hogue from North Carolina. Surrounded by some of the best runs in the country and an awesome crew, you can be sure that this lady is only going to get better than she already is! Follow @dr.suezz to keep up with all her adventures.

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The 2016 IDF season kicked off last month in Australia at Mount Keira. Reigning IDF women’s champion Emily Pross continued to dominate, taking first place, followed by Elissa Mah and Maga McWhinnie. Continuing onto New Zealand’s Ruapehu Gravity Fest race the week after, Emily continued her win streak,followed again by Elissa Mah and Grace Wong. At both these races, Emily also managed to qualify and finish among the top 20 men. Make sure to check out her intense quarter final heat against the boys in New Zealand below.

Mt. Ruapehu podium.

Mt. Ruapehu podium.

In non-IDF racing news, Comerio DH in Puerto Rico saw Nayhomi Cruz take 1st, Mariela Santiago take 2nd, and Nashley Alameda take 3rd. Over in Miami, the 24 hour Ultraskate was also happening at the Homestead Speedway. This event is the truest test of endurance in the longboarding world. Participants are challenged to cover as great a distance as possible in a 24-hour time span. This year, Anne Palmer came first by skating 189 miles in 24 hours, followed by Calleigh Alice , Claudia Chase, Dekai Navarro, and Neena Scheuller , who each also skated over 150 miles. You can read the full results here.


Kim Klunder was recently interviewed by Red Bull Italy’s Red Bulletin on her relationship with longboarding. The article can be translated to any language in the world so make sure to give it a read here in your native language! Laura Godek from LGC Poland, was just named a Top 30 Under 30 by Forbes Europe. Her company, LYOFood freeze dries gourmet foods for outdoor sports enthusiasts to use while out on their adventures. I might just have to try some during my summer camping adventures.

Kim Klunder flipping down a 3 set. Photo: Wybe Pieter Feenstra

Kim Klunder flipping down a 3 set. Photo: Wybe Pieter Feenstra

The 5th annual Women’s Longboarding Camp is also happening in Portugal from March 5-12. For more details, check out the official website. For even more events in March, Girls Gone Fast has a thorough calendar here! Finally, Maria Arndt‘s photo project Girls in Longboarding celebrated its 2nd anniversary this month. Don’t forget to continue supporting her latest project, S’Pin Longboarding Magazine, by signing up here.

A compilation of work that Girls In Longboarding has done over the last 2 years. Photos: Maria Arndt

A compilation of work that Girls In Longboarding has done over the last 2 years. Photos: Maria Arndt


X Games Oslo hosted their first women’s street competition on February 25th. 16 year old Brazilian, Pamela Rosa took her first X Games gold with a score of 80.33. Lacey Baker and Vanessa Torres followed in second and third respectively. Watch all the winning runs here!

All the street competitors at X Games Oslo.

All the street competitors at X Games Oslo.

This instagram clip from the Norris family, @norrisnuts, embodies all the things I love about skateboarding. Give it a watch and make sure to follow this amazing family full of unreal, stoke-filled kids.


I know, I know. I probably missed a million and one things. Leave a comment below so that I don’t miss things next time around!

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