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Curious about Ronin Trucks? What’s that support pin all about? has brought in Fred Baumann, owner and founder of Ronin Trucks, with his team, to answer all of your questions and concerns in this Episode of the “How To Series.”

Ronin Trucks are the first aluminum billet truck with true precision handling like no other on the planet. Most precision trucks handle like a cast truck but they are stronger. Ronin trucks are the first to offer true tracking with out the feel of a ridged truck, in many ways thanks to the unique, patented, SupportPin™ technology that really sets Ronin apart from other trucks.

Ronin Trucks also have one of the best teams in Downhill with riders like Max Ballesteros, Jimmy Riha and Max Capps, to name a few.

Read up on Ronin Team rider Max Ballesteros in our Skate[Slate] interview with him here.

Read up on Ronin Team rider Jimmy Riha in our Skate[Slate] interview with him here.

Watch the how to series and learn more from Fred and the Ronin team, then get yourself out there and see if you can try some Ronin Trucks and decide for yourself!

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Ronin Precision Trucks offer unique new features never seen in skateboard trucks before. Superior engineering and the best materials possible are what set them apart from the rest. Ronin was created to solve the performance problems that plague other trucks. We have successfully eliminated side to side slop, while increasing stability and improving your ability to turn.


Ronin hangers are made from 7075 T6 aluminum, one of the highest strength aluminum alloys available. One of the things you’ll notice about our hangers is there are no bushing seats. This allows for mass amounts of uninterrupted, ultra smooth lean, from our tall .75” bushings. Available widths include 164mm, 174mm, and 164-174mm spaceables.


Our built-in kingpins are race proven, freeride friendly and made from hollowed out aircraft grade 17-4 stainless steel. They’re threaded into the 6061 T-6 aluminum base plates and secured using industrial-strength Loctite® adhesive. This eliminates the kingpin slop typically found in most other trucks.


The Ronin SupportPin™ eliminates unwanted rider weight on the bottom bushings by allowing equal bushing compression while tightening the nut. The hangar is locked into its axis of rotation, removing side to side slop and converting lean into smooth articulated turns. You no longer have to sacrifice turn to be stable with this non-rigid design, which means a precise vibration dampened ride for you!


Ronin axles are made from partially hollowed out 17-4 stainless steel, typically used in the aerospace industry where high strength and corrosion resistance is paramount. They’re threaded and torqued into the hanger using industrial strength Loctite® adhesive. You don’t have to worry about these axles bending or backing out.


Check out Ronin Trucks at Muir!

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