Omen Longboards and Bolzen Trucks Team Up

OMEN Longboards is proud to announce it will be assembling it’s line up exclusively with Bolzen Trucks and exclusively distributing Bolzen in the USA. This alliance will allow OMEN to distribute, market, and sell the Bolzen Brand through out the US using their existing relationships and enabling OMEN to stock an incredible truck on all its assemblies, along with with Free Wheel Co., delivering incredible product to skaters everywhere.

Bolzen Trucks are German designed trucks with an eye for detail, and a unique rider experience. They have developed a wide line of desirable truck offerings with a focus on product development and skater dictated designs. These values will mesh well with the OMEN Brand and it’s customers.


“It was a no brainer, both brands speak to the enthusiastic skater who cares about quality” says Nate Blackburn, brand manager for OMEN Longboards. “This is great for two reasons; one, the trucks ride great, and cover a wide range of options; and two, the clean lines and technical precision of Bolzen match up with the OMEN brand,” states Blackburn “We believe in the quality, and we are offering them as our go-to truck because of it.”

Bolzen Trucks was started in Germany, as a “skater owned and operated” company, focusing on offering the best hardware and parts on the market. Bolzen translated roughly means ‘strong bolt’ and the trucks are exactly that. Standard with an immaculate bushing seat, splined and pressed kingpin, and a no-nonsense, meat and potatoes design that cuts out slop and dead-space in every turn.

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