Behind the Cover With Jon Huey – Skate[Slate] Magazine Issue 28

Skate[Slate] Magazine Issue 28 – the 2015 Photo Annual – is out now! We’re stoked to bring you the best photos of 2015 from around the world. Find out more about the photo annual here.


Every cover is hand picked and the Photo Annual is no different. Instead of the past 60 days of photos, our team needs to work with Art Director Jon Huey to curate photos for the entire year. As if making the magazine selections was not hard enough, the cover, the one photo, is almost impossible to select. This past year, Skate[Slate] collaborated with some of the best riders, representing the best brands and headed to the Philippines on an incredible two week van adventure. While there were a ton of incredible photo’s, the vibe from this trip – skating and traveling new lands, having fun with friends, meeting new people and enjoying new experiences – really spoke to all of us and why we skate.

Check out our Behind the Cover video thanks to Brian Cortright and Aero Media, and find out from photographer Jon Huey how this shot went down and be sure to watch the whole Lost Coco Nuts video to enjoy the Philippines experience with the crew.


As another season of shredding, traveling, and general fun starts to warm up, make sure you don’t miss another issue of Skate[Slate] Magazine. With the best photography, interviews, and stories in the biz, Skate[Slate] Magazine keeps you up to date and will fuel your fire to get out and skate!

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