Skate[Slate] Longboarding Magazine Issue 28 – 2015 Photo Annual

Spring is springing or something like that… we just want to be out sliding some dry roads!


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We’re stoked to bring to you another issue of Skate [Slate] Magazine and have a ton of incredible photographers and photos to highlight!

The 2015 Skate[Slate] Photo Annual not only brings you some of the best from the our crew of Jon Huey, Max Dubler, Will Edgecombe and Jonathan Nuss, we’ve got a jam packed contributor section with over 15 different photographers featured from around the world. This issue of Skate[Slate] magazine also highlights a couple notable photographers from our scene, break out shooter Perry Finley, rising artist Khaleeq Alfred and veteran Jacob Lambert  in their own expanded articles.

If a photo is really worth a 1000 words, one email definitely can’t cover it all, so be sure to get your hands on a copy of the issue or download it to read it all! We will also be releasing some additional exclusive content from this issue over the next couple weeks on Skate[Slate].com so check back often to not miss anything.

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In this issue:


Photo by Ali Mehraban


Grab Bag

Photo Serie5 – Ghost Riding with Alban Pernet

Check Out – Kevin Carlton and Josh Boehlke

Shutter Speed – Kaimana Pinto and Byron essert

Real Talk – How To Take Skate Photos That Don’t Suck

Skate House Pages – Charlie Darragh goes deep.

Finish Line – Amane Kishida


Dusted in the Desert with Perry Finley and Loaded Boards

Skate[Slate] Contributors Photo’s


Featured photo by Maxime Lassale

Jacob Lambert – From Down Under to All Over

Khaleeq Alfred – Maestro of Monochrome

Skate[Slate] Crew Photographers – Jon Huey, Max Dubler, Jonathan Nuss and Will Edgecombe


Jon Huey, Max Dubler, Jonathan Nuss and Will Edgecombe

Want to learn more about the Photo Annual Cover? Get the story behind the photo from Jon Huey himself!

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— The Skate[Slate] Crew