BOLZEN 2016 Lineup

Bolzen Trucks Launch 2016 Line Up

Bolzen Trucks is proud to announce our 2016 Product Lineup and showcase our offerings for the new season. Bolzen trucks are skater designed in Germany, and feature clean lines, matte colors, and amazing attention to detail in the finished product. All of these trucks are based around the same geometry, so all hangers and baseplates are compatible, which allows the aftermarket tuning to go even further than our descriptions. There are 2 baseplate angles and 2 hanger widths that are currently offered to allow the end user the best offering for their longboard experience.

155mm x 50*
The first offering features a 155mm hanger affixed to a 50* baseplate. This setup is ideal for your 8-9″ decks and allows the wheels to sit snugly under the corners of the foot standing platform. 155mm trucks are best used on city cruising decks, and are incredibly turny and agile which is ideal for pedestrian slalom, sidewalk surfing, and pumping through the urban jungle. They come stock with 2 85a durometer proprietary urethane barrel bushings which match perfectly with the precise bushing seats to provide amazing return to center to maximize the energy of every movement and wiggle, while maintaining a clean and stable center-point to make pushing easy, and maximizing the wind up for an ollie to provide an unvarying point with which to leverage the kicktail. This is the truck for all of your mini-shredder needs.

155mm 50*

180mm x 50*
The second truck we offer is a 180mm hanger on that same 50* baseplate. This combination is the work-horse truck for Bolzen and comes in 6 colors; red, marine, grey, raw, black/raw, and black. This truck is a first time riders best friend because of its no-nonsense design that feels primed straight out of the box, giving your first setup the clean lean and turn that you have fantasized about when you dream of riding. No binding, clicking, or odd stopping points with these cast trucks, and that is thanks to the German engineered bushing interface, which allows the hangers to turn through their entire range of motion while still maintaining their lively feel and amazing return to center. Using the same bushings featured on the 155mm counter-parts this truck will feel great whether you mount it drop-throughed on your first deck, or top-mounted on your freeride setup. These trucks will handle everything that you can throw at them and then some.

180mm x 45*
The final combination is a 180mm hanger on a 45* baseplate. This contribution to the lineup is exactly what the downhill rider needs and packs quite a punch. Coming in stock with 2 90a durometer proprietary urethane barrel bushings, this truck is designed to combat the extra leverage gained over the hanger by a lower baseplate angle with a stiffer bushing. This is a one of a kind offering from Bolzen that was developed with common sense through rider input and design. The stiffer bushings slow down how fast the hanger will transition through its range of motion providing an increased level of stability at speed, and a more consistent platform to stand on. Match that up with the 45* baseplate and you will find your self ready to conquer any mountain pass or twisting technical descent. The 45* combo is best suited for riders looking for intelligent skater designed trucks that deliver precise interaction between hanger and baseplate providing unmatched stability and return to center for their performance needs.

180mm 45*

Bolzen Trucks and Omen Longboards Partnership

OMEN Longboards announced last week it will be assembling it’s line up exclusively with Bolzen Trucks and exclusively distributing Bolzen in the USA. More details here. It looks like that also means they’re adding some new team riders including Nate Blackburn, Fitz Illingworth and Mark Nicolaus.