Huey’s 100 Favorite Chilippines 2K15 Photos

For the 2015 Photo Annual, I picked my absolute favorite photos from the Skate[Slate] Philippines trip. There are still so many amazing photos that tell the story of our journey on the islands of Siquijor and Cebu. The trip was nearly three weeks of traveling with team manager Brent “Dubes” Dubendorff, videographer Brian “Chubbs”Cortright, riders Byron Essert, Levi Green, Roger Jones, James Kelly, Liam Morgan, William Royce, and the locals “the Boss”, John Erick Gealon, Vince Gealon, Gerald Gelicame Hernandez, Kara Marbe Urbiztondo, and Urso Urbiztondo in a big white van. We went to three events as part of the Visayan Longboarding Trilogy, but got some skating on our own along the way. Get ready for a gallery extravaganza and enjoy!

I arrived on Siquijor a little later than the rest of the crew. They had a couple days to settle in, but it didn’t take me long once I got there. John Erick Gealon picked me up from the airport on Cebu and we travelled by bus and ferry to get to Siquijor. For most of our trip, we slept on hammocks on the beach. The island had a mystical waterfall coming out of a tree, very friendly locals, and a swimming pool we dipped into late into the night.

Ferry from Siquijor to Dumaguete to Cebu
All good things must come to an end. We left the mystical island of Siquijor by ferry. The ferry ride was fun, riding the back with fried chicken, Tandoy, and Red Horse. It was night by the time we showed up to Dumaguete, a one night stop before continuing to the island of Cebu.

Oslob, Cebu
For the next leg of our trip, we hung out near Oslob, Cebu. We enjoyed waterfalls, swimming with Whale Sharks, and skating the Super Mango Clinic hill. I missed part of the experience after I fell off my motorbike, splitting my chin open and sustaining a major concussion. After a night in the hospital, I traveled back to Oslob with my trusty guide, John. I took it easy, but got right back on the bike and back to shooting photos.

Carcar, Cebu
For the third and final leg of the 2015 VLT, we spent our nights in Carcar, Cebu and our days on the Vegetable Highway for the Veggie High IDF sanctioned race. It was really hot every day. We drank a ton of water and stayed in the shade as much as possible.

Urso and Kara Urbiztondo of Fast Times Skate Supply in Cebu hosted all the international riders until they flew out. I stayed at John Gealon’s family’s house for my last few days on Cebu. On my final night we feasted the traditional way, eating with our bare hands all standing around a table.

My hosts, the Gealon family, and me on my final night in the Philippines.

My hosts, the Gealon family, and me on my final night in the Philippines.

A big thanks goes out to John and his family for the hospitality during my stay in the Philippines, our “Boss” driver for keeping us safe when we weren’t on scooters and motorbikes, and Urso, Kara, John, Vince, Tito, and Gerald for being our local guides. Also, a huge thanks goes out to these brands for making the trip happen!

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Don’t miss two epic videos from the trip thanks to Brian Cortright and supporting editor Aero Media.

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The 2016 Visayan Longboard Trilogy starts this April!