Madrid Skateboards – Release The Kraken!

Pete Eubank rides his Madrid Kraken Formica down a curvy Santa Cruz Mountain road with only the light from the moon and the follow-filmer’s high beams! Filmed by the homie Grant Kiessling.

pete madrid kraken

Built for the curvy canyon runs of California, this board excels at flowing corners rail to rail, drifting with precision, and giving you all the leverage you need to grip back up and catch your friends. The Kraken is 37.125” long, 10.25” wide, and has a 3/4” rocker with a W-concave that creates a rocker/’W’ pocket for each foot. It also comes with a solid amount of wheelbase options from 26” to 28.125” so you can customize your ride with more tail or nose how you like. On top of that, you have options in construction; pick up the allmaple board for a traditional feel or snag a Formica pressed board for increased performance. – Peter Eubank


L: 37.125”
W: 10.25”
WB: 26”, 26.625”, 26.75”, 27.375”, 27.5”, 28.125”

Maple w/ Formica

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