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OMEN Longboards 2016 Catalogue Out Now

The new 2016 Spring Omen Longboards Lineup is finally here, and it is coming in hot with all new shapes and construction. For 2016 Omen has added a few new decks to their lineup and re-identified what makes OMEN longboards stand out from other board manufacturers. Omen’s roots in Longboarding started with a Futuristic Carbon Foam Core deck that was incredibly far ahead of its time, and had extreme and aggressive features, and for 2016 they are taking it back to the future and those early days in their high end board design and advanced construction. They have eliminated some decks that did not match with those ideals, and have focused on doing what they do best; using their in-house manufacturing to develop technical products that push the limits of board design, form, and function.

OMEN 2016 LIneup

While the entire lin up is looking tight and we know there is more news to drop about Omen’s new construction (composites!), but we wanted to get you a taste of what’s going on. Check out the new Grim, Dreadknot, Mini-Barbarian, and Tango!

2016 Grim

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The Grim is our new Topmount offering that was designed by Rain Daley to be a truely technical topmount. This deck is designed to be a high traction machine with race inspired features for the purpose of going fast. Featuring steep tri-plane concave, and a mini-micro drop tri-plane rocker this deck has features designed to lock you in, while keeping your weight above the trucks for maximum grip. A subtle mellow rear “W” concave gives your back foot that locked in love you need, and deep wheel wells allow your oversized race wheels room to breath in even the deepest leans. Rain Daley states, “This deck was manifested for a face-first approach to riding a hill, and with the rigid construction, it is perfect for your high-speed needs.”

2016 Dreadnought

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The Dreadnought is one of our most unique and creative offerings this year, and was inspired by the amount of team riders who had begun to take up the drop-deck lifestyle. With the help of drop-deck diehard Jackson Wells, we set to build a directional platform that features 5 degrees of wedge for your front Truck, and 5 degrees of de-wedge for the back truck, giving your trucks a built in 10 degrees of separation, which helps with stability, traction, and drifting, by allowing the handling to perform more like a car, where the back wheels follow. After that we gave it a 26.5″ wheelbase, and a small 1 inch drop to help keep the weight on the wheels, and allow you added stability without giving up traction like most predecessors of the Dreadnought. This compact, nimble drop-platform is fun for your neighborhood runs, and racetracks alike, and allows the user to stay comfortable and stable without sacrificing to much agility or traction in the process. This deck is the ultimate collaboration between stability and grip!

2016 Mini-Barbarian

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The Mini-Barbarian has been one of the most requested decks that we have ever seen, and we are proud to be able to release it to the public for 2016. Featuring the same specs as the original Barbarian but coming in 2.5″ shorter this board has the smaller rider in mind, providing a compact area to wedge your feet into and become one with the symmetrical standing platform and 1 inch drop. This deck comes with drop-through mounting and allows the end user the opportunity to choose either a topmount or drop-through ride which makes the versatility of this deck greater than ever before. Designed to be a premium platform for freeriding, sliding, and stability the Mini-Barbarian is set to be a leader in the double-drop deck category.

2016 Tango

The Tango will be the first “dancer” that we have ever offered, but it has been in the works for well over 2 years now. We have designed this deck with the freestyle dancer in mind, combining some classic OMEN tailoring with some seemless clean lines that you would come to expect from a dance-floor sized board. Coming in at 46″ the Tango is the longest board that we make and it will surely keep you grooving with a bi-directional shape, subtle concave, and clean kicks at both ends. This deck is light-weight for its massive size and features a plush 32.5″ wheelbase and built in wheel wells to keep you wheelbite free while you walk down this sexy plank. Last but not least we gave this board a very clean and classy shape to keep you looking good while you take your Tango to disco.

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