Crafty & The Libre Wheel – Kebbek Skateboards

Liberate your self with Hype Free urethane. Crafty Raph.T puts down some quick lines, dropping in on chundery pavement and rolling into newfound pristine goodness.


Rider: Raf Therrien

Libre Wheel:
Like to freeride? Libres are the team choice for all around freeride and slide jams. Great for learning, or technical slides. Offered in two different durometers for your liking. Het Hyped for Hype Free Urethane. Did we mention they come with free bearings and spacers?

Durometer: 80A & 82A
Size: 69mm
Contact patch: 32mm

How will it make you feel? Like a deer running in an open field.


Check them out here: