Longboarding 101 Classes With Robin McGuirk and Eastside Longboards

Robin McGuirk is well known for being an all around ripper, the man behind Eastside Longboards and for many in the Portland area, he’s also a teacher and mentor. For a number of years, Robin has been teaching Longboarding 101 through with portland Community College, offering safe instruction and mentorship to help riders get on a board and progress.

Taking the class helps learn the basics of longboard skateboarding. Learn how to ride with control and safely slow down and stop; cornering and taking lines for fun and safety; riding in groups and more. Overall, there is a focus on downhill and sliding in a permitted group setting. All skill levels are welcome.

Required gear: Longboard, Helmet, Slide Gloves.
Recommended gear: Knee and elbow pads, old pants and sweatshirt, skate shoes or shoes with flat flexible bottom.

More Info:
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