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NoCoast PSA – Who You Gonna Call? Local Homies.

Earlier this week we featured a post on Spot Searching from photographer Kevin Carlton. It seems to have hit a vein. A number of comments came back focused on the message of ‘respect the spot’. After interviewing NoCoast’s Kyle Ramsey, I noticed a post on NoCoast, hitting on a similar topic. I don’t get the sense there’s a ‘Locals Only’ vibe here, and want to squash any “Skate or Die” responses right away. If you don’t like it, maybe you need to ask yourself if you’re being a problem or a solution. What I hear, what I hope you understand, is that locals want to skate with you, you just need to reach out and ask. At a minimum, they are asking you to respect the fact that other people want to skate too, be a Ninja, not a Pirate. Check out the Public Service Announcement [PSA] from NoCoast homiesKavon Zamanian and Kyle Ramsey. If you’re in the area, please don’t blow it, hit them up, get to know some new people and enjoy a guided tour from locals that care. 

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by Kavon Zamanian and Kyle Ramsey

If you find yourself wanting to go skate the Ozarks, chances are we want to come too! A lot of the homies have been skating these roads for the past four years and know everything you need to stay safe while keeping local residents stoked on us being there. If you are new to the scene within the past year or two, you may not know the locals personally, but we have a small scene so let’s meet!


Let’s talk about spots. If you want to skate somewhere new, please contact locals of the area prior to doing so. Unfortunately, over the past few years we’ve had a problem with new skaters being reckless on the road and disrespectful to the surrounding NoCoast community.

This has been plaguing our area as of late, and so we ask one final time that people please respect spots they are unfamiliar with. This isn’t about hogging hills – it’s about preserving spots for everybody and preventing the serious injury, or death, of the many people skating out of their limits. We can do this with just a little cooperation, and a little of the following:


Please don’t skate a road that you cannot consistently make it down without falling. This is putting you and everyone else on the road at risk, and angers local residents. If you want the spot to be available in the future, simply go practice some slides elsewhere and return when you’re actually ready. The hill will still be there.

In that same vein, please stop bringing inexperienced beginners to big boy hills. If you want to skate with your new friends, start at the small hills, even though it may not be as fun for you. Taking newcomers to a mountain road is a reckless disregard for their safety. Be a good friend and don’t put your buddy in a life-threatening situation.

Whether you’re frequenting a location or briefly checking it out, just keep in mind that you’re at someone’s skate-home, and it’s a lot more fun to skate together with that someone than to ruin the spot for everyone.

Please contact locals before visiting their hills. Whether you plan to revisit or not, it isn’t cool to just barge some roads when you’re unaware of their legal status, features, or other situational circumstances that locals would be aware of. It’s as simple as sending someone a message – if you don’t hear back right away, it does not mean to proceed with your plans regardless. Postponing a single session is not worth compromising the spot for everybody.

Lastly, as appealing as social media likes are, please do not post sketchy footage of you at a coveted spot. Providing hard evidence of downhill skateboarding being dangerous only provides more reason to outlaw the sport. This led to the banning of many spots in Santa Barbara, and simply is not worth losing a spot forever.

Whether you’re frequenting a location or briefly checking it out, just keep in mind that you’re at someone’s skate-home, and it’s a lot more fun to skate together with that someone than to ruin the spot for everyone.


If you’re looking to skate Oklahoma, Missouri, or Arkansas, please feel free to hit us up! We’d be happy to show you around! Our Facebook page is the easiest way to contact us, or if you know some of these guys they would be more than happy to point you in the right direction or meet up to session. The more open the communication is, the better we all are off in the long-run for sustaining our scene.

Some of the Local Homies:
Arkansas: Garrett Horlick, Justin Parcell, Austin Duncan or Chandler Benton
Oklahoma: Kyle Ramsey, Dave Atess or Andrew Pletan
Missouri: Cody Womack, Lars Troutwine, Keaton Tomlin, Derrick Duncan or Chase Hiller

Please also check out our Facebook page and feel free to connect with us there:

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