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Felix Druschel, like many of us, is passionate about skateboarding. Working sales at Germany’s Layback Distribution and riding Landyachtz, Felix gets to play with all kinds of Landyachtz Longboards, Hawgs Wheels and Bear Trucks, complimenting the fun he likes to have going down hills and skating boards of all kids in his freetime. Beyond skateboards, Felix also loves motorcycles and see’s the two as natural pairings for a life of skate and explore. He brings these two together with his project,, as a way to share of his passions with all of us. Felix recently posted a How-to on strapping your board to your bike and we thought it was some great information we should share with everyone. Strap up, brap out, skate on!

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Moto & Skateboards
by Felix Druschel

A couple of guys asked me how I actually strap my board down on the bike and if I could do a video on it, well, here it is. Hit me up if you need more info or have better suggestions. Skateboards and bikes just go so well together.

Traveling and downhill skateboarding go hand in hand, we all know that. In my opinion, every feature that increases your ability to roam is a great feature. I’ve always been on two wheels and prefer them over the “common downhill van life”. Of course you need to sacrifice comfort when traveling on a bike, but you also get a different feel of freedom on the road. Bringing your boys and girls is tricky, unless they’re also on a bike – even more awesome times are guaranteed if they are, tehe.

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To get on the road you need to know where to throw your gear. Longer trips with the heavy board in the backpack aren’t really an option so I’ve come up with a strap solution for now, which can be seen in the video. Due to very strict regulations in terms of vehicle modifications in Germany, building a rack that can be approved road safe isn’t that easy – but the planning has already started. As I’ve crashed (my skateboard) last weekend and will be off board and bike for a couple of months due to a beaten shoulder, I’ll put some thought into the skate-trip-ability of the bike and start building as soon as possible to have it ready for summer. See you at the hill in Europe!

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Feel free to check out and my instagram @felixdruchelle for a mix of moto and skate content.

Thanks and have a great weekend!