Ms. Monthly – What You Miss’d In March

March was absolute media madness. Ladies from all over the world began emerging from their Spring slumbers and gearing up for event season by getting back on board, skating their local runs and filming their progression. This Ms. Monthly, get ready to watch 12 amazing edits from all corners of the world, that capture all different styles of skating, and will hopefully inspire you to get out and skate! Now here’s what you miss’d in March.

[Feature photo: Lyde Begue skating in Chambéry earlier in March. Taken by Mister Pan.]


Amanda Powell floating through the night. Photo: Dane Webber

Amanda Powell floating through the night. Photo: Dane Webber


Hailing from France, Lyde Begue released one of the best female raw runs ever this month. Immerse yourself in 5 minutes of awesome music, beautiful scenery, and unbelievable skating.

Rachel ‘Bagels’ Bruskoff has been destroying Malibu runs for years. Her latest video shows just how dialed she’s become on her home hills. Get ready for tiny tucks, fast lines, and the beauty that comes with being fully in control of your body and board.

Dutch dancer, Femke Bosma found herself on the Spanish island of Lanzarote, just off the west coast of Africa, for a few months earlier this year. Good vibes and smooth steps are abundant in this edit, making it one you’ve got to watch!

Austrian shredder, Gloria Kupsch teamed up with with Nicola Nührig, Lauren Klocker, and Mathias Pfrnak Groß to film an experimental downhill edit entitled Mood Swings. I’m always stoked to see mixed gender edits and especially love the creativity oozing out of this one!

Cristina Verdu teamed up with videographer Melvin Hermann to drop a visually stunning film of her local runs in Spain. Perfectly cut drone, follow car, and tracking shots make this edit an instant classic.

Micaela Wilson is already one of the fastest female freeriders in the world. In the past months, she’s taken that same fearlessness she possesses in freeriding, and put it towards honing her skills in transition skating. It’s been amazing to watch her progression and I can’t wait to see where her skating goes from here.

Aussie Gemma Holland revisits the hill that broke her last year to conquer it and show it who’s boss! Great to see Gemma back on board!

Speaking of Australia, Jenna Russo and I just dropped our trailer for our short film, Wanderlost. Wanderlost is a reminder to get lost in the things you love. From getting lost on the road, in the sea, among friends, in crazy cities, dancing, skating, laughing, and everything in between, Jenna and I capture what it means to truly find freedom in your passions.


Even though there was no official IDF racing in March, downhill racing was still alive and strong in the form of local outlaws. In the US in particular, you could find ladies shredding on any given weekend at events including the Alabama Southeast Showdown, the Central Iowa Outlaw 2, and the 6th Annual NW Trail Series.

Loryn Roberson (red helmet) blasting down the NW Bridgepins with a fellow racer. Photo: Matt McDonald a.k.a Equal Motion

Loryn Roberson (red helmet) blasting down the NW Bridgepins with a fellow racer. Photo: Matt McDonald a.k.a Equal Motion

Next month, expect to hear recaps of 4 IDF races including Yuping Cup in China, Laguna DH in Mexico, as well as Veggie Hill and Karera sa Lumban in the Philippines. For all those race details, make sure to check out the IDF website. To keep up with the latest womens racing news, make sure to give @womendownhill a follow.


Tis the season for traveling. With so many events happening around the world in April, ladies are packing their bags and adventuring across the world. Chicago’s Marissa Olivia and Texan Bryanne Harris have been road tripping down the US west coast for Spring break. San Francisco shredder, Carly Bizama traveled down to Medellin, Colombia to skate wicked roads and stack clips. Spanish rider Cristina Verdu is studying abroad and living in Brisbane, Australia for the next few months. Kate Voynova will be making the trek from Russia to the Netherlands for SYCLD. A ton of European and Korean riders will also be making their way to this world-class longboard dancing competition. Finally, California native, Rachel Bruskoff will be headed to the Philippines for the 7th Visayan Longboarding Trilogy. She’ll be meeting up with the likes of Tamara Prader, and of course, the ladies of LGC Philippines.

Finally, let’s all send Colombian shredder Chela Giraldo the biggest healing vibes. She recently joined #TeamBrokeOff with a broken femur. Wishing her and any other ladies out there who are injured a speedy recovery!


The Women’s Skateboarding Alliance just announced that they are teaming up with Skate Like A Girl and the annual Wheel of Fortune event, to launch the first ever global women’s skateboarding qualifier for XGames Women’s Street in Seattle!


Skate Like A Girl is also a finalist in the Sheckler Foundation’s #BeTheChange contest, which awards money to various skateboarding initiatives. Go vote for this great organization here!

Also this month, Lacey Baker was featured in a web series called FACETS – showcasing the lives of women who have carved unique life paths for themselves. Hear her inspiration story about how she’s found individuality through her many years of skateboarding.

Mahfia TV graces us with a sweet session edit at the Hollenbeck Skate Plaza with Vanessa Torres, Lacey Baker, Annie Guglia and Savannah Headden.

Austrian, Julia Brueckler dropped her full street part this month. Her level of technicality and consistency makes this one of the best female street parts I’ve ever seen.

Ending it off on a silly note, here’s a video of Angie Crum getting creative with two boards and one rail.


I know, I know. I probably missed a million and one things. Leave a comment below so that I don’t miss things next time around.

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