Dancing with the Legend X-Flex | Lush Longboards

The longest board we make at over 45″ long, the Legend X-Flex is our cruiser/dancer shape. Featuring our composite X-Flex construction and pressed in our custom Rocker Mold, the Legend is light, responsive, flexy, tough and functional – everything you need in a dancing/cruising setup.

The “Legend” was the name of the first ever Lush board, shaped all those years ago in a Yorkshire cellar… it’s latest incarnation is a “dancer” shape, refined over the years to be slightly shorter, lighter and stronger than previous versions. This deck uses our signature “X-Flex” construction, a composite sandwhich of hardrock maple and two layers of bi-axial fibreglass, laminated together with waterproof E-Glue. Lighter, stronger, with a springy flex.

The 2016 Legend features a beautiful dark wood finish – you need to see one in the flesh to fully appreciate it!

With a super-comfy Rocker Profile with solid kicks and both ends, a simple but functional shape, wheel wells to keep things low, this is the perfect deck for all those tigerflips and Peter Pans. This year we have shortened things up a little, making the decks slightly easier to get off the ground and more manourerable for flips, turns and spins.

Length – 45.75″ / 116.2cm
Width – 9.4″ / 23.9cm
Wheelbase – 29.5″ / 74.9cmTail5.62″ / 14.3cm
Construction – 6ply 100% Canadian Maple with X-Flex
Profile – Rockered 0.75″/1.9cm with kicks
Flex – Flexy

The Legend X-Flex is available online as a deck only or complete, or from your favourite skate shop now… pick one up for some summer cruising!