Skate Invasion: Beware the Invasion – Vancouver Parkades 2016

Up into the skies and across the universe, once again, I was transported by my good friends over at Flatspot Longboards and Skate[Slate] to come to Vancouver and escape the Ontario winter. My mission was to invade Vancouver and the Coast longboarding scene, leaving no outlaw uncaptured, no dance floor unfilled and most importantly invade and destroy all downtown parkades. You’ll have to wait for some of it to come out in Skate[Slate] Magazine Issue 29 shipping to your doors soon here. But lets kick off the hype with the OSNS parkade invasion (garage session).

Every Thursday night a gang of locals skaters and travelers gather in front of the library at 8/8:30 to surf the late night Parkades. When I approached the gathering the stoke was high and was instantly welcomed into the Vancouver Parkade family.


Mr. Troy Yardwaste mean muggin at death spiral.

Don’t be fool by the warm hugs and smiles. Savage counterculture beats deep within the chest of Vancouver parkades scene. If you blink, sneeze, or drop your beer, you might find yourself left behind on the Vancouver streets. Vancouver parkades brings new meaning to the phrase “zero fucks”. We are here to skate you’re parkades and we will do it with a polite friendly smile. You can ask us to leave but listen up Mr Security Guards, Ms Police Officer and that lousy N driver trying park their car, we are here to invade your Parkades. “Beware the Invasion!”


Now real a real dad, Papa Les Roberston blasting the death spiral getting some clips for the video.


Anna O’Neill stylen out front.


David Jackson, Invading from Ontario, and Flatspot custodian Mischa Chandler, getting down with the old fashion train ride, in Vancouver.

Parkady is always ripping the garages.

Parkady is always ripping the garages.


Gene Nillas Jr fought off his illness to bring the sickness, skidden it out smiles and stokes… and a little barf from time to time.


Pack runs on Pack runs son.


Troy Yardwaste is nothing but smile all the way down.

Danny Smith mashes.

Danny Smith digs the danger, watch out!

Nick Morin what's in that backpack!?

Nick Morin what’s in that backpack!?


Paul Song flowing the curves.


Mischa Chandler getting skate Invaded hard.

I woke up sore in the head and jaw swollen from David Jackson doing a flying double punch into my face. It was hard not to sit there and smile because of all the positive energy a night of high octane parkades can give a person. Here’s a quick raw run of one of the garages:

The Vancouver scene brings the ruckus and I can’t wait to one day return again. Till the keep watching the skies till the next Invasion.If you haven’t checked out the video, please enjoy!

Special big thanks to Flatspot Longboards and Skate[Slate] for flying me out to document this underground scene. Stay tuned to Skate[Slate] Magazine for more photos and stories from my adventures to the Coast including an exclusive on the notorious Salt Spring Slip & Slide event.

Please check out more Skate Invader Videos here. Join the Invasion on Instagram here: @skateinvaders