Emily Pross and Riley Harris join Daddies Board Shop

Daddies Board Shop starts the race season strong by adding 2 new team riders, Riley Harris and Emily Pross.

Daddies Board Shop has been around since 1995, in one of the most skate friendly cities in the world, Portland Oregon. Having been a part of longboarding for over 2 decades, they’ve seen riders come and go throughout the sport and know true talent when they see it. And with the start of 2016, they added two heavy hitters to their team. Emily Pross and Riley Harris, names you’ve known, loved, and will continue to hear at podiums far and wide.

Emily Pross is a dedicated downhill racer hailing from New Jersey. She’s one of the most passionate and talented skaters out there. Not many know this, but at first, her parents did not like the idea of their daughter racing. So Emily had to secretly buy her own suit and register for the race without them knowing. But once they found out, they couldn’t have been more supportive. She was the female world champion in 2015, and was on the cover of Skate[Slate] magazine last year. Already hot out of the gate in 2016, she already has two 1st place podiums under her belt. She’s not only dominating the women’s division, but she’s giving the boys a run for their money, being in the top 15 time qualifiers in the Open division of a World Cup race. Read more on Emily thanks to Cindy Zhou.


Emily’s Welcome to the Team Video:

Riley Harris lives where some of the world’s fastest downhill skaters are notoriously from, Vancouver B.C. We know you already know who the hell he is, and you don’t want to bash the hustle. You can see him racing everything from world class races, to your favorite local outlaw. He’s been in the scene for longer than many of us have been skating. With his signature “Reels Green” suit, and unmistakable helmet, you’re sure to see him in your race heat. His lively character, and ruthless filming for Riley Reels makes him a huge advocate in the world of longboarding media. With his notorius “confidence cam”, you get a direct look into the world of Downhill Skateboarding.


Riley’s Welcome to the Team Video:

Joining Matt K, Robin McGuirk, Liam Morgan, Marisa Nunez, and Alex Tongue, Riley and Emily rounds up their fierce racing team. With some of the world’s most notorious riders, Daddies Board Shop is ready to start the 2016 race season strong. More on the team here.

Check out Daddies Board Shop here.