Jimmy Riha – 2×4 Downhill Challenge – Rad Train

The 2X4 challenge with Jimmy Riha.


Jimmy and Rad Train wanted to demonstrate that you can skate anything down a hill, so they started off with a 2×4 and went at it! Direction are listed below on how to set it up and a few tips. In the meantime, get after it!


This is a contest!!!!

Upload an instagram video of you shredding your home made 2×4 for your chance to win a set of JR influence wheels by RAD Designs and a few other goodies!

Tag @Jimmyriha and @rad_train @radesigns and #rad2x4challenge… if you cant make an instagram video send a link to your video to Theradtrain [a] gmail.com and remember kids! have fun stay safe!


Helpful information, sort of…
Step 1: Find a 2×4… home depot, local hardware store, construction sites…

Step 2: Decide how big or small you want your deck to be, cut to desired length…

Step 3: Have 8 wood screws and screw driver or drill… aline your trucks to your board and drill the trucks into your board, do this for both sides and remember not to put your trucks on backwards…


Step 4: Try to make sure they are lines up straight…
Step 5: Once you feel like you have your trucks on right and as straight as you can get em… GRIP TAPE!
Step 6: Go shred, capture radness
Step 7: Upload radness…



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