Kebbek Skateboard Release Party – Top Of The World Ottawa – April 10th

This Sunday, april 10th, Top of the World Skateshop (one of Canada’s oldest core shops) is hosting the Kebbek Product Launch party. Pros like Ben Dub and Emma Daigle will be there to give high fives and throw some thane around at the downtown, local LEGAL longboard spot….We said it…Legal! How is Ottawa so under the radar? Anyway, there will be good times had this week end for the thane kittens in Ottawa, Ontario. Get jealous.

Release party poster

Be sure to also look for Skate[Slate] Crew member and Skate Invader Jonathan Nuss. Nuss will be snapping photos for a Skate[Slate] post event report too.

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Kebbek Skateboard has added a number of pages to the history books of Downhill Skateboarding over the years. Their 2016, Canadian Made line up is another to add to their historical anthology. They have completely redesigned nearly every board and have come at us from a new angle of art direction, shapes and mold design.

board line spread

Skate house series: By Robbie Lariviere
Pass-Out in the mini ramp, deal with the dirty dishes, eat left over pizza and own more skateboards then clean shirts. Living the dream….
The tag line says it all. Living in a skate house is something we have all done, or hoped one day would be a part of. This series pays tribute to this lack-Lustre lifestyle. Take a close look into the art of this one, you will find a bunch of hidden jems that will leave you laughing and wanting more.

skate house high res

Outdoor series: By Robbie Lariviere
Done by the same artist as the Skate House Series. Robbie created outdoor scenes resembling the personalities of Ben Dub and Emma Daigle. If you know them, this will make a lot of sense, if you don’t, dive in and try to learn a thing or two about their outrageous lifestyles.

ben graphic

Ben Dubreuil

emma graphic

Emma Daigle

Bio Suit series: by Pascal Herbert
If you have followed Kebbek in their 24 years of making skateboards, you are most likely familiar with the themes attached to this series. Animal graphics that have carried with their models for over 24 years. Take a closer look and you might recognize somebody you know buried within the graphic…. If none of this is connecting with you, just sit back and enjoy the unique work of Pascal Herbert


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