Mathias Zwick’s Photos from Iran’s Burgeoning Skateboarding Scene on

In an effort to capture a wider depth and breadth of skateboarding, Skate[Slate] will from time to time sample and share posts we find uniquely interesting and exemplifying what we see as the positivity of the global community of people riding wood and wheels. This morning, I found this post featuring the photography of Mathias Zwick. You can follow more of his work here.

Suddenly surrounded by the rumble of wheels on pavement, onlookers turn to observe a raucous horde of 30 skateboarders. They hurtle down steep roads at breakneck speeds. Sporting American-brand clothing, GoPro cameras, and skull-covered skateboards, it seems like a scene out of Southern California. It is, in fact, a scene out of Tehran, the capital of the Islamic Republic of Iran.


A group of skateboarders from Tehran hit the road to meet other skateboard enthusiasts in the country. Ispahan, around 211 miles south of Tehran, is their first stop. In front of a mosque in the Iman Khomenei square, Erfan is towed by a carriage usually meant for tourists.


In recent years, groups of skateboarders have appeared in all of Iran’s major cities. Iranian cities, where modern and traditional architecture intermingle, are their playgrounds. Unlike Tehran, there is no skatepark in Isfahan. Young skaters must settle for the street.


In Southern Tehran, Ashkan kickflips in front of a mural depicting the Ayatollah Khomeini, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution in 1979.


Tehran, the most progressive city in Iran, is home to the country’s largest community of skateboarders. Documenting themselves with GoPro cameras, the above crew of skateboarders rides through the city, past the wide-eyed gazes of passersby. The footage will be posted on Instagram. Unlike Facebook, Instagram is not blocked by the Iranian government.

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