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Skate Invasion: Roarockit’s 9th Annual Swap Meet

Yet again, Roarockit has opened their doors to the Ontario Longboarding/skateboard community for their 9th Swap Meet. Swap Meet is a buy, sell and trade where locals can sell and trade anything they want.

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Roarockit welcoming everyone with open arms!

This event has become so popular we mark it on our calendars as our season opener. More and more communities all the country are starting their own Swap Meet and for good reasons!

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Rob DeFreitas does it right with Bombora Boards.

This is an event for the little person!! Skateboard companies like Bombora Board literally started because of swap and now are a major sponsor. Small companies like Skate Invaders, Zero fuck bolt company, Champstiles Woodburning, Skate Surface media, AM Wood skateboard company, Longboard Haven and most importantly anyone who has an idea! You can come to swap and start your business, get rid of clutter and make new friends!!

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Team Bombora Boars holding it down with a new line up!

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All smiles all SWAP SWAP SWAP!!

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Who is Samson Simpson? The mysterious man that hides behind Zero fucks bolt company.

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Longboard Haven showing off their home made shirts!! DO IT YOURSELF!!

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Local artist Jonathan Chan showing off his artwork on Bombora Boards new Balisong.

After the Swap Meet excitement, we head down to Toronto’s best slide jam hill aka the poop chute. The chilly weather was calling for snow and buy the end the sky let the snow fall down. That didn’t stop this years season “opener” skaters. Ontario did not let bad weather stop them from sending it hard! Even completely blind from all the snow!!!

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Snow? At least you can’t complain about its beuty.


King of the Poop Chute Brady brown styling for days.

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Matt King never stops skating and is ready for 2016.

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Local road rash. Looks like things got wet!

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Rey Faiz throwing down some dusty squats.

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Locals sending it in the snow.

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Roman Robazza learning new back flips.

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Matt King trying to win the skate face contest completly blinded by the snow.

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Bomboard Boards Alex Sabijan gives zero fucks about the weather.

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Brady Brown surfing out it out wet or dry.

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Am Woods and Skate Invaders waterproof dancer collaberation unharmed fromt the elements.

Thanks to Roarockit and Bombora Boards for hosting this rad event. Thanks to Skate loft for hosting our after party.

Bigger thanks to everyone who came out and supported the local scene!! Swap meets is a great way to start up your local community vibes. Get together with your local shops and brands buy, sell, trade and SWAP SWAP SWAP!!

B – Side Facebook Photos here


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