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Loaded Unveils LOADED LABS and the Orangatang Menopause

Product development at Loaded is and always has been about working with great people to grow ideas and bring them to fruition. Our in-house crew and global team of ambassadors have collaborated to bring many great products to life over the years. Starting in 2016, we’re opening our doors a bit wider for specific projects, and now you can have a say in our development process.


After refining a performance-oriented core design in the development of the Cage, Kilmer, and Keanu centerset freeride wheels, we’re excited to explore that technology in our popular and proven race/hard-carving wheel, the In Heat. The new Menopause wheels feature the same Happy Urethane as the In Heats. The changes are as follows:

Exposed (vs. encapsulated) core
Slightly wider and shorter core: In Heat core is 1” W x 1.75” H, Menopause core is 1.5” W x 1.5” H
Inner lip extended by 2mm (58mm contact patch compared to 56mm on the In Heat)


We’ve performed initial testing of the new Menopause. Now we’d like your input and feedback to help us make the best possible wheel.

View full program details:

By purchasing these wheels, you agree to join the Menopause R&D newsletter. You’ll receive a few emails with more information, testing guidelines, and a feedback form you’ll submit after testing the wheels (over a period of about one month). After you complete the feedback form as requested, you’ll receive your hard-earned Loaded Labs R&D badge number for 50% off the purchase of any single item from the Loaded or Orangatang websites (item must be in stock to qualify).

We now pass the mic to our resident mad scientist Professor Hildenberger to present you with the official low-down:

Join the Menopause project today at loadedboards.com/loadedlabs.