Omen Longboards Mobile Ruckus Tour Dates

Hi everyone, Nate Blackburn here. The Omen Longboards crew is coming off of a great year of traveling and exploring the North American. Because of how much fun we had touring the country we decided to do it a lot more! We are planning on utilizing our trusty team vehicle, a Mercedes Sprinter van, affectionately named the “#mobileruckus” to get us around to cool events both in our backyard, and across the country. (*Bonus points if you saw our ad in the Skate Slate Photo Annual!)


The Omen van will be traveling to spread the stoke as much as possible and help to connect with awesome communities of skaters that typically do not get the love they deserve! This was something that we learned on our last trip, when we found out that the some of the best communities of skaters are in areas that you would not expect. We found Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Montreal, Boston, Kansas City, and Boise all with huge thriving scenes of stoked skaters, and it was these discoveries that charged our batteries to go out and do it again! Following in the footsteps of Bricin Striker Lyons and his skate tours, we are preparing to pack our van full of stoked skaters and head out to events and bring our own brand of stoke and mischief along the way.


We have already completed our first tour of the year, the #omensocotour which took us down south to ride at the famous Bayou Battle garage race as well as to Jacksonville, Florida for the King of Kona. It was a 21 day road trip that tested the weather capabilities of our sturdy Ruckus, and provided some amazing skating and some next level events!


In the beginning of March we headed down to Socal to attend an Outlaw race hosted by Levi Green in the outskirts of Sacremento, and then traveled all the way down to San Diego to stop at core shops and show off the 2016 OMEN Lineup in person to help generate the hype of our new construction as well as show off our awesome Van. We picked up Levi Green, John Slugg, Morgan Owens, and Chet Bolstridge along the way to Muirskate, and met up with Fitz Illingworth in Chula Vista for some awesome Sunset Black Skating.


After that we headed north to Bakersfield to meet up with Daniel Engel (awesome guy) for his Bakersfield Outlaw race. While there we managed to skate some amazing roads, and meet up with a huge scene of passionate skaters. After that we headed to Malibu to skate with Rachel Bagels, headed to Santa Barbara to skate with Kevin Reimer, and then out to Santa Maria to skate with Kenny Napp. After that we met up with Andrew Madeiros, Miles Parker and the OBG crew to skate through the Bay area. This trip was called the #omenburritotour because we ate lots of burritos, and cooked in a ton of Walmart Parking lots, where we made burritos.


Well, the party don’t start till we walk in according to Kesha (no $ anymore?) and we’re doing our best to bring the skate and party this season. We have a solid list of dates and stops for the #Mobileruckus and we’re gassing up and gassing out (as if that was a problem) to hit skate communities and meet up with skaters all over. Please check out the dates and hit us up on social media so we can meet up and skate.


Danger Bay Quinciniera Tour
May 19 – May 30th (#dbaysurvivaltour)
Danger Bay May 20-23
Jakes Rash May 24-25
Britannia Classic May 27-29

Backdoor Tour
June 10 – July 10 (#omenbackdoortour)
Kamloops Park Jam June 10
Sunpeaks Freeride June 11-12
Maryhill G Ride June 18-19
Maryhill Showdown(race) June 21-25
Giants Head Freeride June 25-27
Whistler Festival July 1-3
Slatspring Slasher July 7-9

Boomerang Tour
July 22 – August 22 (#omencenmasstour)
Washington Triple Crown July 22
MT TABOR Downhill July 23
Cenmass 7 August 5-7
Maryhill Tad’s Freeride August 20-21

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