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Root Longboards Burnt Wood Series

Root Longboards has released a special limited and exclusive board series – the Burnt Wood Series. each season there is at least one piece in the Root line up, which is shaped with burnt wood and a bad ass graphic. This year, shaper Alex Dietrich tried something new… he took some boards of the root collection and shaped some limited “burnt wood“ edition boards. We chatted with Alex to find out more.

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Hey Alex, thanks for taking more of your time! What can you tell us about Burnt Wood?!

The Burnt Wood Series, is a side project. As you may know we already worked with burnt veneer on a few boards in the past. We love the unique look you can create if you just burn the different types of veneer. So we started building limited amounts of “just“ burnt boards.


The burnt wood looks badass. Which boards will get the special look?

Right now we are offering the Root Satyr Series ( Satyr 100, Satyr 89 and Satyr Dt) and the Root Waranga in a burnt version.

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And how many boards will be shaped?

Each board is limited to about 5 pieces per month. I will aim to shape 4 of each type. So there will be 26 limited burnt wood boards this season!


How did the idea for burnt wood come about?

I remember when I first tried this a few years back. Just experimenting, you know. And every year there was at least on board in the line up which got this look.

And how does this operation work? Blow torch? Hot iron?

I use a flame cutter. You just have to be really, really carefully, because normally someone is cutting big steel beams with this thing. (haha) Other things could work out I guess. Still, the flame cutter makes a lot of fun to work with.

Where can someone buy this beauties?

The easiest way is directly via E-Mail. Also we will send a few boards to some selected skateshops. We keep you updated on our Facebook page, so check by from time-to-time.


Thanks Alex!

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