Olson & Hekmati – Bromodel

Olson & Hekmati has been making boards in Germany making since 2006. A family affair the focus is on doing it right and having fun skating with friends. Focused on city ridding over the years, they developed a community around Mainz, close to Frankfurt. Well known for their high quality manufactured decks, Oli and Bjoern, owners of the company, decided to develope a Race and Freeride shapes for their reacing team. Alex Dehmel and Pablo Quiles are riding the new Bromodel decks hard and couldn’t be happier.

The sandwich construction of wood, fiber glass and carbon fiber, create a perfect platform to ride as fast as you want. Board construction on the Bromodel makes it long lasting and extremely resitance against crashes. With Carbon Fiber reinforcing the most stressed sections of the board, the fiber glass on the bottom layer fightings against torsion. In the end, the layers are pressed more than 4 hours in the aluminum mold makes this deck one of the hardest on the market.

Designed to be comfortable and controlled in fast riding conditions, the Bromodel features pressed in pockets to make it easy to find and hold your feet in position and lock in. Ample concave and a balanced standing platform that also lets you use the small kicktail when you need it. Despite these features the geometry is perfect and helps prevent wheelbite enabling tighter turning by specifically placing the concave in the right position. Overall, the features combine to make for all the confidence and control during fast free riding and super stability in long straights.

Bromodel Specs:
Type: Downhill/Freeride
Length: 98cm
Width: 25cm
Wheelbase: 68cm
Kicktail: 10cm
Concave: 14mm
Dropdown: 12mm
Flex: Stiff /Dampening

Graphics are the same as always, raw wood on the last layer giving the deck a natural look thats it’s own kind of sexy.

Easy feeling from the first ride, the Bromodel just works for riders and doesn’t matter what level of skating your up for. From casual rips to mad speed runs, this is the perfect choice for killing your quiver.