R.A.D. Influence: Max Ballesteros Pro Wheel

Current #1 downhill skateboarder in the world, Max Ballesteros, is always charging and looking to go faster. We worked closely with Max to develop a proprietary high rebound urethane formula to increase roll speed without compromising grip. After over a year in development we finally found the wheel Max has been looking for.

Max at pikes Peak. Jon Huey Photo.

Max at pikes Peak. Jon Huey Photo.

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Rider Approved Designs introduces the Max Ballesteros Influence. This Pro-model features a proprietary high rebound urethane to maximize roll speed. While the shape is based off the Advantage, the unique urethane changes the ride characteristic to suit Max’s go fast style of riding. After finalizing the urethane formula, Max settled on the softer 77a durometer to maximize grip with the higher rebound urethane. It features the crown Core with a 74mm diameter and 61mm Contact patch. This wheel is designed to have fun in the fastest way you can. Tuck hard and streamline the style of Max Ballesteros.


Diameter: 74mm
Durometer: 77a
Contact Pack: 61mm

After winning the first IDF (International Downhill Federation) World Cup of 2016 in Australia, Max is currently on his way to the Red Bull Yuping Open in Ya’an, China.