DTC Wheels releases the new FREDA 65mm

DTC Wheels were born from blend of performance, and passion for downhill skateboarding. Machined and poured in France since 2005, DTC aims to give high performance riders a precision wheel to match their other high end components. We got in touch with mad scientist Alex Ulrich to find out more about what was coming for 2016 and he hit us back with some details about the new FREDA wheel. Are you ready for the DTC experience?

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Hi everyone! Alex here. Thanks for checking out the DTC FREDA. While most of what DTC does is well planned, the new FREDA wheel was an absolute impulsive move. The idea came after a session and a long evening “apero” drinks where we wanted a more reactive and a funky wheel, so me and a friend took our drinks in the DTC lab and shaped the future FREDA on the base of Victory Pure, this 65mm has been shaped 100% by hand like an original shaper cuts his foam to build a surfboard, shape by feeling!


This was much more fun and a free expression to shape by feeling compared to our usual 3D program. You can see the outline, feel the balance of the wheels, it should respond to the objective and be nice looking too. We were first thinking to have a short version of the CN-T0 core but having the full contact patch with the hardest core in the market was a really pleasant idea.

When our drinks were finished and the proto ready and shiny, it brought satisfaction and impatience for sure! So the next day it was time to test it and push the limit of the newborn…


The first step on it was surprising but at the same time really what we expected from it , I remember the first day I felt stupid saying to myself “ why didn’t I think about that before! “ it seemed so evident now.

The feel of the wheels was more on/off compared to the Victory, holding the sliding to perfection, so easy to balance your craziest standies! Transition between slides are so fast and precise. This wheel was a totally new experience of development for us and a success.

We always believe, and still, in using experience and high technology for our development but some wheels can’t be developed by calculation, this new FREDA 65mm is the perfect example!


This wheel will come in all our urethane formulas: freeride, fast freeride, DRIFT and PURE; but also in some of the new formula like SWINGERS thane, dedicated to extreme freeride.

Official details:

  • new FREDA PURE
  • 65X50mm
  • CP 33mm
  • core 50X35mm
  • offset

“The important thing is to dare to dream big, then take action to make it come true” simple has that! A 65 mm round lips wheels with the CN-T0 core and the DTC thane… of course it came out the best freeride wheel we’ve tried! Our only question is why we didn’t think about it before… Please find more details on our website.