Almabtrieb view 01 © Doris copy

2016 Sector 9 Almabtrieb – Big Mountain Skate

We are stoked to announce few things regarding the 2016 Sector 9 Almabtrieb.

For the first time, the Sector9 Almabtrieb will be held down in Austria on a brand new track. We were totally happy and stoked when our good sexy friend Stefan Risch asked us to do the 2k16 Almabtrieb together with him in Austria. It will be steep, very fast, long and technical. The surrounding on top of the track will just blow your mind. The camping site is located just at the end of the road, next to a big alpine hut.

Almabtrieb view 02 © Markus Knoblechner


Event Information:

date – 13th – 16th July
location – Loser Berg / Altaussee
 / Loser Panoramastraße, Altaussee, Austriaße,+8992/@47.656143,13.758814,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x47714f47dce332c7:0x93aff0381d79f4a6
steepest point – 19%
total elevation – 405 m
length – 3,9 km
topspeed – 100 km/h+ = 62 mph+

Almabtrieb view 01 © Doris

Almabtrieb view 01 © Doris

Price: 199€
Registration: already open at
 – few places left!
Typ: IDF World Qualifier Series, stand up only (if you want to participate you must be official IDF member. If you are not yet, please check out:

Accommodation: Camping or room

Riderslimit: 180


Here are some words by Stephan Risch about the Sector9 Almabtrieb 2016:

“I wanted a new road, a challenging road, which meets the riders skills way better, then the old one in Neukirchen. That’s why we paused the Almabtrieb last season. But now – we found this good looking road, with a badass alps-panorama. For me, it is kind of going back the the Almabtrieb roots. Dated back the first races at Jungholz, we started skating in Austria and finished in Germany – there was always a special bond for me between those two countries. So I was pretty happy, to start working together with my friends from BIGMOUNTAINSKATE. Organizing is also way better and easier in groups, so it was a logic way to start working together with them. Felix, Flo and the Crew are very experienced and I love the way, how they do things.”

Roman Fend Gregor Nussbaummüller Markus Knoblechner spring at Almabtrieb Track

Roman Fend, Gregor Nussbaummüller, and Markus Knoblechner at the Almabtrieb Track in Spring.

So lean back, and enjoy this little trailer, with our friends Gregor “Nussi” Nussbaummüller & Markus Knoblechner skating down the race track:

Almabtrieb view 01 © Doris copy 2

Registration is open at
 – few places left!