2016 Maryhill Spring Freeride with Equal Motion

Each spring, riders of all types, and really from all over, flock to the Maryhill Ratz Spring Free-for-all Freeride. While there are a variety of opportunities to skate Mary’s Hills, The Spring ride is the first of the season and tends to have a jammed crop of fresh stoke. DB Longboards team manager and Equal Motion main-man, Matt McDonald, headed out to join the fun and capture some media. Find Matt’s post with more photos here.

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A green Maryhill blew my mind and I have never had more fun capturing skate photos then I did last weekend at the Maryhill Ratz Spring Freeride. No matter how many times I visit Maryhill, it’s always special and a huge thanks needs to go to the Ratz for keeping it that way while keeping us all safe and stoked.

One of my favorite parts of being a photographer at an event is how stoked people get when they see photos of themselves after the event and that is one of the big reason I spend so much time capturing photos and video. Also, I hope these photos get posted everywhere, enjoyed by all and motivate others to start longboarding. More people need to get off their ass and skate.

Beyond taking photos, I also get the opportunity, thanks to DB Longboards, to help capture and share some video as well. Of course, big thanks to the team for helping. Please enjoy the DB Longboards video and be sure to check out the and their Facebook page [here] for upcoming Maryhill events this season.

Thanks for checking out my Maryhill Freeride fun, and please find more at and @equalmotion on instagram.