Tom Wilson & The Takawan – Kebbek Skateboards

Liberate your self over and over again with Hype Free urethane. Tom Wilson shows us why the Kebbek Takawan deliver.

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Rider: Tom Wilson

Kebbek has been getting you downhill for 24 years. This commitment to your speed now extends past the wood under your feet and into the urethane holding you around the hairpin. Check out their wheel line up this season.

Everybody loves a surprise. When you pick up any set of Kebbek wheels, look inside, you will find something special….Bearings and spacers! Yes, they’re included!

Takawans Wheel:
Starting to freeride with some speed? The Takawans will hold more speed than the Libres but still have that predictable slide when you want it. With the added lip to the wheel, it will provide you with the hook up you’re looking for when you are sending it.

Durometer: 80A & 82A
Size: 69mm
Contact patch: 43mm


Check them out here: