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Eastern Europe isn’t always the first place on someone’s travel itinerary. Major conflict in the 90s during the Yugoslav Wars gave the Balkans a rough reputation. Abandoned ruins from the war have opened up interesting places to skate, like the 1984 Sarajevo Olympic Bobsled track. But when you look past the war torn buildings you’ll see beautiful landscapes, optimistic people, and a region that has bounced back from a dark past. Next door is Romania! Not long ago it was locked off from the rest of Europe. Throw in a revolution at the end of the 80’s and you’ll find a country with rich culture and people full of pride for their home. Large mountains ranges with some of the most amazing roads ever paved, it’s no wonder that the scene in Romania is blowing up!

Skate & Explore - Europe - Part 03 SS

Billy Bones @billy_bones
Dillon Stephens @dillonstephens
Troy Grenier @troy_yardwaste

Film/Edit: Dave Leslie @guffmcgufferson
Additional Filming: Jacob Lambert @maxicasj

Esprit.wav (0:01)
Esprit 空想

Sun (4:34)

Ghost (5:12)

The Lighthouse (8:03)
Half Moon

Back Into The Womb (10:06)
Moses Gun Collective

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