PTown Throwdown Poster 2016

12th Annual P-Town Throwdown 2016 – Portland – May 29th

The 12th annual P-Town Throwdown skateboard push race is going down again May 29th.

The route leading from Mt.Tabor Park to Sellwood Park has been a tradition in Portland and definitely the longest running skateboard race in the Northwest. Riders meet in Mt.Tabor park to register and bring their food for donation to Oregon Food Bank. Every 4 cans of food they bring, they receive one raffle ticket with no limit of how much food they donate. The Prize raffle happens at the end after everyone has finished near the finish line at Sellwood Park. We always have more than enough prizes for everyone to get something thanks to all of our generous sponsors. More food = More raffle tickets = More chances at winning! For the last five year’s the event has collected over 7,000 pounds of food!

Besides raising food for the hungry in Portland, this event celebrates our unique City Ordinance 20.12.205 that states Skateboarding is as a legal form of transportation. As long as we obey traffic laws just as cars and bikes do. The course starts near the west entrance of Mt.Tabor Park in the neighborhood and goes straight through the heart of the Eastside of Portland down a bike route. Lincoln and Harrison streets are the main roads from 58th avenue all the way to 9th avenue. Then you cross Division street and enter the nearby entrance to the Spring Water bike trail going South for 3 miles leading to the finish line at Sellwood Park. There are only 3 stop lights and a handful of stop signs during this 8.5 mile course. However all riders stop at each red light and stop signs in accordance of the City Ordinance. Riders who disobey risk being banned from the event and DQ’ed from the raffle and podium. So for the top 20 or so who are racing, it’s part skill and luck by stopping and restarting as you go. For the majority its all about riding together and having a good ol’ time rollin’ down the Eastside! Critical Mass!

If you live in the area or visiting during that time, be sure to check out all the info here and come out to support this Portland Skateboarding tradition! It’s always tons of fun!

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