Skate Invasion: Kebbek Skateboards Release Party Ottawa

Spring is upon us on the east coast and the Skate Invader crew was off to Invade our nation’s capital Ottawa.


Kebbek Skateboards was hosting a 2016 line up release party at Top the World skate shop and season opener slide jam on legal slide hill Majors.

The day was crazy chill as we looked at all the new artwork by Robbie Lariviere on this year’s Kebbek skateboards line up and chilled with skate legends Ben Dub and Emma Daigle and Brand Manager Joey Bidner.


Kebbek Skateboards family.


Emma Daigle stylen for the camera.


Robbie Larivieres orginal paintings on this years line up.


Ottawa locals checking out the new art work.


Fresh new Kebbek skateboards line up at top of the world.


Ben Dub and Emma Daigle chillen soaking in the vibes.


Joey Bidner stoked on Robbie Lariviere’s work.


Ben Dub signing his new pro model to be given away.


Local crazy stoked on Ben Dub pro model win.

Major road is located in the heart of downtown Ottawa and is the capital cities legal downhill skate spot. We were extremely lucky to have the sun shine on us just enough to melt a small path to surf on the hill apexs. The leaf less tree gave us beautiful view of our Nation’s parliament as banjo’s played and smiles were warming up the season opener.


Eric Mroz getting pitted as the banjo plays.


Local switch surf throught the ice and snow.


Locals getting pitted through surf zone.


Eric Mroz toe slash with parlment in glowing in the sun.


Ben Dub slashing the giant snow pile photo by Emma Daigle.


David Jackson sliding it out in the wet as we say goodbye to Ottawa.

Big thanks to the Ottawa community for dragging themselves out even though it called for snow. Make the best out of your skate situation even if it was just surfing a giant snow pile!!

Huge thanks to Joey Bidner for letting 5 guys eat 6 pizzas and taking us down Ottawa’s finest death spiral garage. Till we meet again! Keep skate Invading the planet.

Check out the Kebbek 2016 line-up here.

board line spread