Switchblade HollowTech – Landyachtz Longboards

A freeriders board of choice. Nick Hurley and Dillon Stephens show you what you can do on the new 2016 Hollowtech Switchblades.

This popular symmetrical freeride board has a dropped foot platform, drop-through truck mounting, revamped concave and foot pockets for increased leverage and control. The Switchblade now features lightweight Hollowtech construction across three size options.

Choose the 40 if you are a tall individual or like a wider stance.

40″ Length I 1 O” Width I 31″ Wheelbase


Choose the 38 for average height and stance preferences.

38″ Length I 9.8″ Width I 29″ Wheelbase



Choose the 36 if you a small in stature or like a tight stance.

36″ Length I 9.5″ Width I 27″ Wheelbase


Check the specs here: http://bit.ly/1OnXpXB